Cosplay and Fan Art

Thanks for the help. I like the idea of a quick sketch over but I think that having images from the game would make it easier. I am right now trying to find some in games screenshots through some videos on YouTube (Evolve some pie has some good angles). The best help would be if there was a video or screenshots where they are stage 3 and they do a complete camera turnaround (slowly) as well as some top views. Thinking about it now, if someone was to do a custom game and have the settings as arena with glacial at stage 3 would probably be the easiest.

The black and white images are quite helpful

The way I have my game makes it a little difficult to transfer them to my main computer that I use to sculpt.
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Sculpting is somewhat more than a hobby. I have done commissions for my client’s private collection and my own sculpts.

For someone coming from Maya or 3DsMax, Zbrush does have some powerful modeling capabilities. You can look into Zmodeler and Zspheres to see some of what I am talking about. Work flow in zbrush I feel is faster.

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I think that I might have found a way to make the file transfer easier for me to do. If I can get all my reference material by tonight I can work on it a lot more after I get back from work later. Going to ask someone real quick if they can help with the video of the turnaround.

Anyone been making anymore art?

Yeah, just finished making a sample 3d print file for Gorgon

More prgress here


Man you’re pretty good at this. Unfortunate that my project already has 2 pretty good modelers on the team or I’d look into getting you. Maybe in the future.

Man, if you sell these with cool poses, I’ll be first for the buy


Thanks. Poses and finishing work on all monsters look like late January. I have been sick for a little more than a week and pushed a lot of things back. Feel a lot better these last couple of days.

I was planning on using my resin printer on certain ones. Maybe more on finalized ones. My FDM printer is cheaper to use and still can have great detail. I have a special filament arriving in January that will result in a smooth surface (Should be here by January). If not then the resin one.


Thanks. Sounds good. I was primarily a traditional Sculptor and have added the digital aspect recently. I find that both have a unique set of pros and cons.

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Dude, I would love to 3D print myself a Gorgon!

I am currently printing it. I made it a little too large. Pictures of it tomorrow and if I post it on MyMiniFactory, it is said to speed up the approval. I am printing it so that it is almost 7 inches tall. Quite large for a head and shoulder sculpt.

We have a bunch of 3D printers at my school. Would be great if I could print myself one. :heart_eyes:


This one takes a while to print. I have it currently to print it at about 7 inches tall. A little shorter than 7 I guess. I have a profile where people can stay up to date with stuff that I release as well as a YouTube channel.

Here is the progress on the print. Will be done early this coming morning.


Wow, that certainly is taking awhile. Excited to see the end result.


It being a FDM printer it does take a while especially since it has quite the volume. If It was a full figure at 7 inches tall that would have be a lot faster. Would probably take a quarter of the time. It will be quite the statue once it is done. I will post pictures of it around noon by the Pacific Time zone.

What’re the exact dimensions of it? And do you know how many grams it is?

Dimensions of it assembled in its current size is by xyz dimensions is 123.7mm x 180.2mm x 175mm which is roughly 4.9 in x 7.1 in x 6.9in . Size can be tweaked in the slicing software so that it can be larger or smaller though. For something smaller I would probably tweak the file so that the tongue and mandible are connected with the face already. I suppose I should add that file.
Going for about 20% infill. 357.7 grams which is about 0.79 lbs .


Woah the is not a small print. I wish I could use the printer at work so freely! I can’t wait to see how that comes out! :smile:


It is large. I put it together. Here are some pictures from the print bed.