Cosplay and Fan Art

What? Full body skins for hunters? I already wanted that from the start :s

Not even that. You’ll want a full body Caira skin… You need full body Caira skins.

Wow that looks creepy when I read it. But w/e.

Yeah… it does sound kinda creepy :s

My wife does not approve of the location of your spice rack…


Full body hunter skins confirmed. (Joke)

Here’s a full view of the outfit disassembled:

The straps connecting the vest to the backpack are from two leather belts. The lights are all functional (Repulsors and the flashlight) All of the gear is made out of foam, while the mask is made out of paper mache. The lenses for the mask came from a gas mask and the the straps holding it on my head came from a construction helmet. I used the smallest headlamps I could find for the repulsors and tinted them yellow using nail polish. I can’t remember what Liz used for the tubes at the moment.

The Necklace took a while to figure out how I wanted to do it… I finally ended up using a tube that was the packaging for some gift labels, a caveman costume jewelry necklace, hair gel and a plastic “Funny Eyeball”

at first I had a slight problem with the eyeball…

But I fixed this by slightly melting it which allowed me to split it in half.
Here’s the final version of the necklace:

I used an airsoft gun dual shoulder holster for the smaller guns

and a standard cowboy dual holster costume piece for the larger guns… unfortunately the cowboy holsters themselves proved to be much too small for my pistols so I had to expand them at the last minute using foam. All four pistols were made out of foam.

For the shoes I actually just borrowed my roommate’s work boots, since he works in construction :slight_smile:

Oh, and I found a cape that had realistic physics :wink:

Once again, a big thank you to @SpaceKittens for all of her hard work on this costume.


How did you make the guns?

Multiple layers of Foam. @SpaceKittens can give you more info on that.

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Ohh, I think I get it. That’s brilliant.

So this is not exactly fan art, but the color scheme is inspired by Evolve’s Goliath:

Reaper Mini’s Khanjira, Break of Worlds (aka, the tarrasque of D&D and Pathfinder fame):

Chillin’ with his buds (aka, physical inspirational material):



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My nephew told me about a month and a half ago that he wanted to be “Bucket the robot” from the “mean monster game” for halloween. This is what I came up with in that time.

I konw it should be yellow, but try telling a four year old that he cant have a blue robot costume. It doesn’t work.


That’s so cool man :smiley:

@SlinkyGuy @Sentry_Gun @Bucket :smiley:

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Now THAT is probably the coolest Halloween costume I have ever seen! Well done!


I absolutely approve of this costume! :bucket_salute: Perhaps I should speak to Cabot about a blue chassis myself now.


Omg… what a masterpiece! For the next adaptation we need a cute little blue Bucket!! :smile:


@MacMan @SlabOMeat You guys should see this maximum awesomeness too! xD

This, so much this! :smiley:


And it shall be called window adaptation, or maybe foot…

Awesome! Great job…nothing wrong with a blue Bucket! :smile: