Cosplay Advice?


I’m planning on cosplaying as Jack and my friends are going as Crow and E.M.E.T.
If you have any advice or suggestions or anything that would be great (I’ll also say my ideas to help anyone else planning to do the same).
Also, anyone can post pics of their cosplay if they want to. I’ve only seen a couple Jack cosplays online and we haven’t seen any E.M.E.T. or Crow cosplays yet (probably because they’re newer characters), so they don’t really have much to go off of.


For the goggles I was thinking we could use gels (like people use on lights in theatre) if we can’t come up with any better ideas. Everything would be green, but I can’t think of anything that wouldn’t do that.


Too bad MajorLeeHyper isn’t on the forums anymore…


Who is that?


He works at TRS and he went as Jack last Halloween.


Awesome, Thank you so much!!! :smile:


Maybe @SpaceKittens could give some advice? She cosplay as Caira and helped MajorLeeHyper make his Jack costume.