Cosmo Skin Pack


Will this skin be available at a pack price or not?


It already is, is it not? I bought it for PS4 earlier today in the in-game store as a pack.


Than it isn’t available for me in the german Playstation Store sadface
I dont have the Behemoth skins as an option as well.


There should be a skin pack for it in the game store right? OOohh… You’re trying to get it from the PSN store? Try going in game and check the store there.


Tried that out as well but thanks for your advices :smile:


Happy to help! But still that is weird, it should show you the skin pack… Have you restarted/ validated and checked for updates on your game file? (if possible, I’m not a user of consoles sorry :/)


Yup I did, maybe I have to be a bit more patient :smiley:


It certainly is strange that they’re not there for you. Maybe it has something to do with the German playstation store. Either way I do hope it updates with them soon!


I can’t buy the single Cosmo Wraith by the way :smiley: