Cosmic Skins on Every Platform but NOT PC?



When is the PC going to be able to purchase these skins? They are hands down the most appealing, and I’m wondering why PC is being left out.

I’ve also heard that they are available on PS4 as well.


There was a similar problem on ps4, so this might hav a similar solution

Are the skins unavailable from both the in-game store, and from the steam page?


Yes. 10 char


Yeah, what’s up with this? If it’s supposed to be an exclusive for the PC Monster Race, then why do consoles have access to it? If console players can get it now, shouldn’t PC players be able to?




Oh my god… Purple?! Why isn’t this on PC damn it?!


Pink, bro. And they’re really sparkly. Cosmic Goliath is the best.


Mix between purple/pink. Light purple imo.

We shall meet at middle ground here. :wink:


I thought that was because they’re exclusive to those who bought the PCMR for 30 days.


This. PC does have them, they’re just exclusive to PCMR buyers for 30 days.


I can honestly say that I am on PC and bought the PCMR and have the skins… I just think that the consoles SHOULDNT have them since they are supposed to be EXCLUSIVE… I dont understand why PC gets shafted on “Exclusive” content… Xbone gets Exclusive timed maps why cant PCMR get the exclusive skins for a month…





She has blue claw thingies btw :stuck_out_tongue: I would show you but that would mean I would get hate D:




Please do some research before opening a new thread and never mention Developers in posts such as this.

Cosmic skins are part of exclusive deal PC Monster Race gets. After 30 days it will be possible to purchase them.