Cortana on Xbox


Personally I’m loving this new preview feature.

I don’t have to have my kinect hooked up so I save space.
There’s no set list of commands.
Its more user friendly/intuitive/smooth
Its almost like having a beta Jarvis on your console.
What’s your experiences with it so far? Love it? Hate it? What have you said to it, to get it to do what you want?


Don’t have preview feature so idk, btw were you inviting me to play overwatch last night?


I’ve been using it since they released the preview and I like it so far. It’s quite a lot more accurate than the old voice recognition, but it’s a bit buggy still. My biggest complaint with it so far is that it’s not really integrated into the other apps. I want to be able to say " Watch Archer on Netflix" but that just isn’t the case right now.


Lol no I wasn’t. I was trying to invite Tim. I also invited someone named Ryan on accident, but I have no idea who’s account that is lol.


It would be nice/cool if it worked all the way through games too. Like selecting game modes and characters.


I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now, I like it, too!

I think the day I got it, I just kept saying “Xbox” as many times as I could because it wouldn’t stop and pause what I was doing lol


Don’t have an Xbox but I have her on my phone and laptop. I use her all day, every day.