Core concepts for a new monster


I think a lot of times finding an idea for a new monster can be elusive and when we think of an idea or see another’s idea, often times we may think their ideas as thematically unsound, unreasonable for gameplay or just plain weird. It’s not that their ideas are wrong, but given what we know from the alpha and the footage and mechanics revealed thus far, we, with some certainty, know of some rules that the monster must abide by.

Rule 1- Play style must be significantly different from other existing monsters. (no brute, no long range sniper)
Rule 2- Must be able to brawl. No matter how you think about it, it cannot avoid a 4v1 fight. It must be able to fight in a dome and still make it hell. Must be able to fight into an encamped position.
Rule 3- Must have some type of unique movement ability.
Rule 4- Must have attacks that crowd control, temporary disable, high damage ability, basic melee attack. All attacks should have some sort of damage output in them.
Rule 5- Must be balanced. Given the current hunters and their abilities how do we make a creature that can take down this monster.

What core concepts am I missing here? And given these core concepts, abiding by these rules, what kind of monster is left for us to make?


I would say rule one and three are only somewhat effective because of how small the monster pool is. I bet as time goes on we will see more brutes and more ranged attackers, as well as repeats on movement abilities. You can only do so much when it comes to being unique! A couple things I would add is that all monster have four activated abilities. I have seen lot’s of ideas where like two are just passive, or they only have two or three abilities. Also a new monster has to fit the Evolve build type. That is they are all big, and have three stage evolution’s. I really like your post though, kind of outlines the monster theories a bit more.

Here are some Ability ideas that I feel will or could be implemented in a new monster.

Hatchlings! We all want to spawn little ai monsters of death to distract the hunters!

Webs! I don’t think we have as of yet seen an area slow or paralysis effect (maybe the vortex counts?).

Mist/Acid/Poison Cloud! Somewhat like Hydes grenade, but could you imagine being able to blind the hunters or reduce their visibility? All of the possible visual effects would be crazy! Seeing double or things that aren’t there! That would be trippy :stuck_out_tongue: ok I really like this idea, except maybe it’s just a toxic spray that you get hit with, and for a certain time you get motion blurs, and shading problems and all kinds of stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

I might be petitioning for a Spider as our next monster :stuck_out_tongue: but there are a few ideas!

Monster Idea: Spider

Are we making ideas for new monsters or just there abilities? Please answer because I have an idea for plant monster.


both :stuck_out_tongue: We are talking about what a new monster would include!


Hatchlings vs lightning gun would almost make sense. Why can it hit multiple targets? There’s what maybe 2-3 instances per round at most where you are shooting multiple targets? Of those times how many times is it just Markov deciding to shoot something as opposed to actually fighting off a pack of something?

Would make sense


What about a plant monster that can plant those plant creatures that eat hunters? Also here is my plant monster that I made a little bit ago.


Also if you consider Hydes flamethrower, it is also more of an area spam :stuck_out_tongue:


I am not sure Turtle Rock will put int too many more monsters. The monsters themselves, like the hunters, should each feel unique. Each new monster is a new fear.

I can appreciate your ideas as ideas have been swarming through my mind since last night, but I have refrained to put them down until I can readily fit them into the schema I’ve presented.

We as a community have a flood of ideas and the end up being this primordial goop that Turtle Rock must trudge through. I feel like from their eyes the goop is in abundance, but what they are looking for is some refined material among the putrefaction.

So given your ideas how do you put them together into the rule set shown?


Like I showed? I fail to see what you mean I guess… I was showing how a spider would fit :stuck_out_tongue:


As I have asked with PeirsPryce, is there a way you can put these items with some semblance of form given the rules set forth above?

How can you balance each of his skills? What types of situations will the hunters find themselves in? How will the hunters evade the skills? How will he brawl?


What is his movement skill? How does he brawl? Which skill serves as his crowd control? How is it balanced? What’s the concept of his basic melee?

I think this is a perfect example of what I mean. Where we have good ideas that fit in our head, but if we do not give it proper explanation the concept does not convey simply to others.


Well, several spiders leap, some spiders burrow, I personally think a leap would be cooler. A spider would brawl mostly through ambushes or if domed, would work based off of distracting and slowing it’s opponents. His crowd control would be the webs, that slow or stop hunters from moving, so that he could use his spray to damage and disorient them. It would have to balanced as any monster would, meaning that they would have to tweak numbers on damage, hp, and cool-downs until they had a rough 50 50 win loss rate. The concept of his basic melee attack would probably be a bite, or whacking you with a leg :stuck_out_tongue: I am sorry if my idea seemed so rough without this info that it appeared as

Just saying :stuck_out_tongue:


I made a thread where I gave an example of a monster skill set over here : Create a Monster Skill Set!

The third monster in the game IMO needs to be an insect monster.

Movement: Only monster that can actively move along walls and cliffs.

  1. Toxic Barbs - Fires barbs coated in a toxin in a frontal cone dealing damage and applies a movement speed debuff.

  2. Pounce - Quickly leap onto a hunter to inflict damage, nearby team mates will be stunned for 2 seconds. The further you are from your target the more damage you inflict.

  3. Virulent - Emits a deadly gaseous pathogen around the monster that infects hunters and applies damage over time and skill cool downs take a penalty of -20%. In addition hunters carrying the disease can pass it on to team mates if they are in close proximity.

  4. Cocoon - Fires out a web in a straight line at high velocity that damages and stuns one hunter for 4 seconds, team mates can shoot the cocooned hunter to free him.


How did you make those symbols for the abilities? Did you use photoshop or something? I would like to see if I can do something similar for a monster I have in mind.

Anyways, I myself would also like to see an insect like monster. I’m not sure about the pounce ability though since all monsters can do that but this one can just do it without crouching. However, all the other abilities sound really cool.


Illustrator, don’t want to use Photoshop for symbols or logos because you can’t resize them after it’s made.


Is that something you download or no?


It’s paid software.


Ah alright. Thanks for telling you what you use.


If we’re just talking core concepts, I think there’s not a lot of point in focusing on specific abilities/themes/names yet. So I’m just gonna focus on very broad concepts.

Rogue: If Goliath and the Kraken are the warrior and the wizard, then it makes sense to have a rogue, a monster who is physical frail but uses speed, high damage, and stealth to counteract that. It’d probably need some ability that allowed it to separate the hunters more effectively.

Broodmother: Kraken might be the wizard, but there’s more than one kind of wizard archetype in gaming, and one of them is the summoner. A monster that can spawn lesser monsters, or control the wildlife or the bodies of dead hunters, etc, might have potential.

Tank: Goliath is a nice balance of toughness and strength, but what about a monster who was more skewed towards toughness? Maybe it doesn’t hit as hard, or maybe it’s a bit slower, but it’s got a ton of health and armor. A monster like this might have to rely on ambushes, hiding in plain sight like a Megamouth, because it’s not as easy for it to just run, run, run.

Trickster: A monster that relies on tricking the hunters’ senses. Without getting too into potential abilities, its main goal would be to have the hunters going in the wrong direction and shooting at the wrong thing, while it runs around and eats. Then, while the hunters are distracted by illusions or false trails, it attacks.

Controller: All of the monsters so far have had one or two abilities that are useful for crowd control, but what if there was a monster that had that as its specialty? It would focus on debuffs and area-control. Its abilities might do less damage, but by controlling the battlefield it could open the hunters up to melee or sneak attacks.

I feel like one big limit to new monster concepts is locomotion. Any terrestrial creature is going to be limited to some form of walking or flying and there only so many ways you can shake that up. Swimming monsters are probably out of the question, given the map design we’ve seen so far. So the potential number of different monsters is probably going to partially be constrained by how many different forms of movement Turtle Rock can come up with. Here are a few ideas they might use:

Wall Crawling: The monster is not substantially faster than normal, but it can climb on vertical surfaces, possibly even on the ceiling of cave like areas. I actually think this one is unlikely, as it would be really hard for the devs to map sure every wall and ceiling could allow wall-crawling. I mean, think of those spiky ceilings in the caves on The Dam.

Burrowing: The monster burrows underground, where it can move faster. It has to un-burrow to cross rivers, chasms, and to climb walls, and it leaves trails of turned earth like a mole that replace its footprints.

Teleportation: This might work for a wizard-esque monster with weird energy powers, similar to Kraken. It’d probably have to be a simple “blink” ability, with the monster teleporting to wherever its reticule is aimed, with a limited range and without the ability teleport through walls. It’d make tracking the monster rather hard, but perhaps a massive burn mark would appear both where it teleported from and at its arrival, so hunters could potentially spot both and make a guess at its path.

Super-Speed: The monster runs normally, but when it uses up one of its stamina bars it can temporarily run at incredible speeds that leave even the other monsters in the dust. The recharge on its stamina would probably have to be slower than usual, otherwise the hunters might never catch it.

Chameleon: When the monster isn’t moving or when it is sneaking, it blends in with its surroundings. This is only sort of a movement ability, but the idea would be that instead of outrunning the hunters the monster would try to just hide from them, then go off in a different direction. Of course, for the sake of balance, it couldn’t be entirely invisible.


What category would my monster fit into. Also I like the rouge idea for a wolf like monster but a spider would fit into the contoller category.