Copies sent out?


Okay this is big. Some of you may know of Ghostrobo, he made a few videos about Evolve.
How the hell does he have a copy of the game already!?


He played at pax and is the most famous evolve youtuber(but not the best)


I think since he was invited before to play Evovle before the alpha a similar thing happened this time as well. Basically this is marketing by 2K using youtubers


@Magik_boom might be right. It has been stated that most publishers give youtubers preview copies their game as lets plays have become more popular amongst gamers. Hell there are actually youtubers that have preview copies of Dying Light already.


Some youtubers have the press release version of the game. It’s not accessable to the public.


How come we haven’t seen TotalBiscuit or Angry Joe make an Evolve gameplay video yet?


Exactly. Why is Ghost the only one who has made videos. Also the fact he has unlocked Kraken before the video and has had time to let his bother play shows he has had the game for a while. What’s the deal?


I know for a fact TotalBiscuit has a busy scheduling and AngryJoe has a lot of left behind reviews to do … but still I think 2K simply hasn’t pushed foward with them as much as he did with Ghost.


Well Ghost Robo has been excited about the game ever since he played it at E3 and has been doing a video of how exited he is when a new character is announced.

TotalBiscuit has not put out a WTF? in a while, mostly just steamsale videos (probabley because he is doing a best of 2014 video and will most likely have the schedule back sometime in January I think) and Ghost Robo most probabley has a preview copy and TotalBiscuit doesn’t really do preview copies and likes to get the full game so he can do a proper first impressions of it.


This is super exciting! But I hate spoiling anything for myself so I almost don’t want to watch most Evolve videos, just because I am looking forward to the new-car smell experience on February 10.


Ghostrobo is a horrible monster js


Wait, what?

Kraken in Big Alpha:
10 armor 5 health (stage 1)
10 armor 7 health (stage 2)
10 armor 9 health (stage 3)

Kraken now:
8 armor 5 health (stage 1)
8 armor 8 health (stage 2)
8 armor 10 health (stage 3)

Why is this so? Why did they gave him one more health for stage 2 and 3? Nerf his armor is a great step, but buff his health? :confused:


It’s all part of the balance game. I wouldn’t expect each monster to have a uniform +Armor +Health process as they evolve. Kraken starts out relatively weak, gains a substantial jump in HP at S2 and a moderate jump at S3, but never grows more armor. His armor at lower values is moderate, but at S2 and S3, it’s lower than it should be. Kraken just seems to have more vitality than he does defenses, which is probably done that way to demote using him as a bruiser, as he’ll lose his armor quick and start losing harder-to-restore health early on.


his dmg output got a good chunk nerfed.
some skills like vortex and what i find very significant, his range atacks are twice as slow
so no more spamming rockets on downed hunters


I am talking about hp and armor. I only think that if Kraken (mage) has more hp than goliath (tank) then it sounds a little unlogical. I am not talking about buffs or nerfs but only about logical view…


My question is, why is GhostRobo not in our forums? While his humor makes me smirk and/or shake my head with his quirky commentary, I do like how he doesn’t have to cuss all the time to say how awesome a game is.


To clear this up, Ghostrobo does NOT have a copy of the game. All videos that we’ve seen from IGN, Gamestop, Ghostrobo etc… were all done at 2K studios. All of this was recorderd under their supervision. Whether 2K approached Ghost or the other way around I don’t know. However, there is currently no digital copy outside of 2K’s hands right now.


He made an announcement as if to state that anyone could make a request of a match setup and he’d do the recording. It sounds like however he has things setup, he has free reign to record sessions. However he’s only posted 1 video since that point. He seems to put up a video every 2-4 days.


I think early in the video Ghostrobo states that he’s sitting at home


The only time that happened was during the Alpha events.