Cooperative Monster Mode / COop



I know the major focus for this game is to have hunters as the stars, fighting the epic final boss style monsters. But, for Monster mains like me, I’d like some cooperative monster modes where we have to play against AI hunters or something. Just some mode where we get to play cooperatively as monsters against some enemy of something. Would be an interesting idea.

Maybe some kind of weird, cooperative Monsters and Hunters vs hub or something. Would be interesting


So you mean more than 1 monster vs something?


yes, either that or hunters and a monster vs some kind of horde mode or whatever.


This has been talked about over and over again, and sadly, it doesn’t look like it will ever happen for balancing reasons


This wouldn’t be against other human players though. That was always the point of contention originally.


How would balance be an issue in a PvE game mode? You could give the computer whatever you needed to make the game interesting and fun because all the humans are in one side


Actually i want to see a horde of tiny monsters versus a giant markov


Oh that’s actually a really good idea then, I can’t see a reason against it