Cooperative Bucket Turreting?


I posted this in the main Bucket Event thread, but that may be too buried - so I’ll post it here again!

So I just got home, and I’m looking to contribute to the community numbers - however, why go about it haphazardly? Sometime’s it’s better to NOT leave everything to chance! We were dangerously close to not getting the Goliath Voodoo skin last time after all…

Solo/Custom games count - but Bucket bots do not consistently deploy ALL their turrets close enough for a monster to stand in them, and the other hunters will steal the rest of the damage. So instead of botting it, I’m looking for a few people willing to join me in actively focusing on Bucket Sentry Turret damage for a game or few. Anyone interested? If we do it in a custom game we can even buff hunter damage to make it go faster!

Main roles will of course be Bucket and Monster (thinking Behemoth, most life/armor), so we’ll need 3 other hunters willing to take the other roles - however if you have special mastery goals for them that would call for a monster willing to swallow their pride and help you, this might be an opportunity.

I play on PC as JTWrecker; let me know if interested! Responses here are probably a good way to begin, though I’ll log into Steam now.


I’m sticking to MM for my bucket stats to the challenge, but nice to see people trying to get it. ^.^


What’s MM? Can I eat it?


Match Making.


I understand that doing the event damage ‘on purpose’ isn’t a normal way of playing :slight_smile: I honestly want to see how much damage can be done from one game of the monster + bucket actually working together to try for this; I would NOT be surprised to see some insane numbers.

If no one wants to join in I’ll likely go in for matchmaking as well, but I figured why not to do it smartly?


Steam ID is same as this name. :slight_smile: Same icon too.

I need those Predator Cabot skins.


Sent a steam friend invite :slight_smile: Shows you as offline though!


I’ll join you in a few hours.


If Rose is coming, I can join in. :smile:


Getting a full group of 5 would be ideal :slight_smile: Definitely welcome.


I’ll join you, but after the 2K stream. Steam ID: UseYourMonocle


So we got in some good games with UseYourMonocle, ChiOokami, and two others whose names I stupidly didnt write down.

Our setup:
Custom game, Hunt, Barracks. Damage favors hunters, 40 minute time limit, infinite strikes, high wildlife, Marsh Striders map effect, and Open Chat so we could talk throughout. I played as Behemoth, and there was seriously SO MUCH WILDLIFE to eat!

We easily hit over 400k turret damage as our contribution to the cause - would have been more but one custom game crashed after 30+ minutes and lost what we estimated was over 150k damage :frowning: Our highest game was 150k, but that also included people doing damage for masteries; the game we lost was pure turret damage and we’d picked that map CLEAN, so it would have been at least 150k and more likely closer to 200k.

Thanks to everyone who helped! Time permitting, may do this again on Saturday and/or Sunday - I’d love to have at least been part of over a million turret damage by the time the event ends :wink:


So an update:

On the one hand this is awesome; 75 million in 1 day? On the other hand, we have 2 days left. If we maintain this rate we will end with 225 million - enough for bucket, NOT enough for the other supports. We need to do more!

Depending how much time I get, I’ll look for a group to do more damage focused games today and/or tomorrow.


Me and my friend went on Aviary, I placed Bucket sentries in the middle near the Power Relay. I led the bot hunters away from the relay, and they sat right next to me. Full armor stage one Behemoth comes in. Armor bars going down at like 2 per second :laughing: and then he leaves, gets full armor, comes back again. When the Monster player got the option to Evolve, they came back in, shredded their armor, and left to Evolve.


You are quite correct, this IS an option to keep the bots away from the monster - and it works with only two people as well. When you can’t get a full team together, do this!

I prefer having no bots because Bucket can then drop turrets for the monster whenever armor is full, while in the other method the Monster must return to the same location over and over.

Still, thank you for reminding everyone of another way this can be done!


From what I heard during last 2K’s livestream, people are quite fast to do damages , I’m not worrying so much ^^


Yeah. We kind of had to move the sentries from time to time tho. lol


Given the 75 million mark we hit in one day, and with 350 being the total, we need to step up our game if we want to hit the BIG target! At this rate we will most certainly hit the Bucket-only target, but the stretch target really WILL be a stretch. Turrets aren’t normally the ‘main’ damage dealt unless the monster somewhat intentionally stands in them…


Indeed but turrets are always the main damages of Bucket ^^

People just need to put Sunny away for the week-end…


Any good news from the last stream?