Cooperative Board Games


I’m looking for some good cooperative board games. I already play Pandemic, my favorite, and Dead of Winter.

I want to pick up fortune and glory with all expansions but can’t seem to find it anywhere.

So my questions are what does everyone suggest as a good coop board game and does anyone know where I can pick up fortune and glory?

I also enjoy games like Libertalia. Not cooperative but an interesting concept


I don’t know much about the games that you mentioned, but I can definitely recommend “Shadows over Camelot” and “Eldritch Horror.” :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Shadows definitely looks good. And Eldritch horror is another that I am looking at and debating picking up.

And I highly recommend Pandemic.


Second Shadows over Camelot. I also suggest Forbidden Island, Dead Panic, and Death Angel: Space Hulk the card game.


Is that like castle panic ?


I really like Betrayal at House on the Hill, although I guess that stops being co-op halfway through, technically :x

Fortune and Glory is a hell of a lot of fun but local game stores don’t like to carry it because it’s so pricey due to all the pieces. Amazon is your best bet. Also from Flying Frog is Last Night on Earth, which is pretty fun but not the best game I’ve played.

I’ve not played Eldritch Horror but I’ve heard that it fixed a lot of the issues players had with Arkham Horror, and I already thought Arkham Horror was really good, so I imagine it’s worthwhile.


It is somewhat like it…has a very similar look since it is based off Castle Panic but the feel is different. You have a character that runs around the board and you have to survive, collect items, fix walls, and fulfill goals. You can either protect each other or turn on each other. If you die you turn into a zombie yourself and go against the human team so you’re never OUT of the game if you die. It feels like a board game version of Left 4 Dead.


I went with forbidden island AND forbidden desert. Thanks for the suggestions.

I may try panic next.

Update: Just purchased Dead Panic as well. Lol. Looks better than castle panic.


I think fortune and glory may be out of print at the moment as well. I’ve seen it played and really really want to get it. But I may have to wait until the next run. Which isn’t all bad considering 2nd editions are usually better due to rule fixes and upgrades.


My favorite are the D&D box games-

Wrath of Ashardalon is a good’n.

Theres a series of dungeon tiles with various layouts on them shuffled into a deck, face down. As players “explore” the edges of the map- They place tiles down (each tile has an arrow on one corner, you connect it with the arrow facing the players piece)- Which can make for some nifty and random dungeon lay outs:

Tiles will indicate if you ran into enemies or not (Which come from a shuffled monster deck, and the game has miniatures included for all of them)

All while pulling from an “encounter” deck, which give you additional challenges to face. Sometimes its traps, persisting environmental effects, random treasures, or a good ol fashioned ambush.

Players control specific heroes with character cards explaining their abilities, stats (armor, hp, etc), and get to pick from a pool of abilities- Granting them “at will” abilities they can use in combat, utility powers which typically work as one-off buffs, and a powerful “daily” ability which is basically a single use, “but something bad ass will happen” ability. As you kill monsters you collect treasures to gear up, and advance your way through the dungeons.

In typical D&D fashion the goals/quests depend upon you. But if youre not feeling creative the game includes a book which has a handfull of pre-done quests to accomplish- and its pretty easy to concoct your own. Dont worry- its not as difficult as it sounds. Theres a few “unique” tile pieces, the general idea is to take one of these tiles, mix it with 3-4 other tiles, and then put them on the bottom of the tile deck (So itll happen ROUGHLY at a specific point, but you wont know exactly where), and have a preset idea when you encounter this tile- Maybe youre disarming a trap to collect a piece of treasure, maybe you come across an altar which summons the big baddie ashardalon himself (who has an amazing figure). Etc and etc.

If you like the idea of D&D, but find the rule book daunting- This is a GREAT way to get introduced to the “concept” of the game in a pretty stream-lined fashion. It really only takes about 30 minutes to an hour to familiarize yourself with the rule book, and quests- and youre good to go. Once you know the rules, you can easily get ANYONE else playing the game with about 2 minutes of “intro” (The game has a “step by step” card for each player, and it really is as easy as follow 1, 2, 3. Move your hero and complete an action if you wish, explore the dungeon if youre on the edge of a tile, go through the villain phase. tada).



Star Wars X-Wing

these are just to name a few of my favorites.


I think I like the gameplay a bit better for dead panic.


I also love smash up and munchkin. Two competitive games.

I’m looking for coop games for my girl and I. We play a lot of coop video games and I want to get her into board gaming a bit more.


A few of my favorite cooperative games have been mentioned but here are a few others:

Red November - plays good with numbers between 4-7 players and is pretty quick

Mice and Mystics - a fairy tale spin on the dungeon crawl genre but puts a Mouseguard spin; works best with 4 players and comes with about a dozen adventures that will provide 20+hours of gaming

Space Cadets - supports 4-6 players well and is a must-buy if you enjoy Star Trek as each player takes on the role of one of the key bridge crew positions to take on enemies and explore space

Sentinels of the Multiverse - plays well with 3+ and games can run short or long; this one is all about superheroics as each player plays the role of a hero in a team working to take down the supervillain and his minions. Can get bogged down in modifiers but if you like the idea of playing a Justice League inspired team of heroes saving the world check it out


In my own opinion you could play the ultimate of table top games and play Axis and Allies.

Only downfall to it is that the games last a long time. Which if you’re looking to kill several hours isn’t a bad thing either.

It’s like Risk but team based and the options of combat units with different abilities turned up to 11.


It’s not strictly co-op as such, but I’d totally recommend battlestar galactica. Co-op with a twist. I’m also a big fan of Eldritch Horror.

Edit: I happily played eldritch horror on my own during lunch breaks, I did three different runthroughs I think.


Mice and Mystics looks like fun. I painted minis up for a client about a year ago and the components are nice. Very Red Wall feeling.


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention all the nice plastic minis in Mice and Mystics. I had to paint them after opening the box and seeing how top notch there were.

The maps are awesome too. On top of that you get to play out a tale of swashbuckling sword fights against an evil queen and her forces. It’s certainly well produced and fun. It can be brutal and unforgiving on the PCs but it’s worth it.


Mice and mystics is fantastic! Heartily recomended for co op fun! Provides a decent challenge, loads of fun crawling the map with your friends. The miniatures are very high quality as are the tiles you use to build your level. Also loads of potential to write your own adventures, and doesn’t need any more than 2 players to be epic.Two thumbs up.