Coop campaign?


Will the campaign be playable with 3 other people or be strictly single player?

Will there be at least one coop mode for multiplayer?


But the multiplayer is already coop!


I think, what he means is just a campaign that can be played with or without friends. Alpha was not a campaign, it was just a MP session. What i do hope is that there will be something along the lines that L4D had, you go from A to B and continue the story. Move from planet A to planet B with some sorts of a story behind it. I need to have a reason why, do i want to kill this monster. On the flip side, Monster should have a reason why he defends the land and attacks humans, it shouldn’t be something along the lines, oh, be a monster and kill people. There needs to be a reason…


This would interest me, yes. :smile: Could be one of those unannounced game modes, but who knows. I doubt it will be part of the game, but if it were I’d like to see the existing maps extended. When you see gameplay footage from E3 there are some places where you can see fences defining the boundaries of the map. Those fences could be repositioned for coop maps. What I’m talking about is like the Facility map back from Goldeneye 64. Facility multiplayer was a very small portion of the whole singleplayer map.

What I would not want to see is some UT3-style campaign slapped onto the game as a way to give background to the characters and explain why certain arenas were made. That just didn’t work.


I could see the Campaign going either way, SP or MP, however I strongly feel that it will be coop as it makes more sense in working with teammates to hone your sills. This doesn’t seem like a single player type game, especially with the different classes. How would you balance a Medic player going through as compared to Assault.


Aside from the monster hunting party, I don’t see how a campaign would work. I mean in like L4D even playing VS you still had a lot of stuff coming at you not just another player. In Evolve, the main threat is JUST the other human player(from what I’ve seen), and playing carefully you can avoid most of the random wildlife trying to eat you. I can imagine the Evo Monster being a constant threat throughout the level though but if it’s downed, would it respawn?

Unless all that’s being showed in the Alpha and to the media is just a mode, I’m not sure Evolve has a story aside from “kill that thing that doesn’t look like you”.


With this game, I feel like a form of Titanfall’s campaign could sneak it’s way into the game for the lore buffs. Done better than Respawn, it could give form to the reason we hunt, where these creatures come from etc.

Personally, I would like a little mystery with the monsters. Because when developers spill everything, there is nothing for us the community to fantasize.


I don’t know if I want to know what you fantasize with the monsters o.O :stuck_out_tongue:


Kraken and Goliath love triangle with the hunters, think Twilight and go with it! haha