Cooldown Timers on abilities?


Will there be cooldown timers on abilities available at launch? Makes it easier to communicate how much time left before we can use an ability to team mates, instead of looking at a blue bar in the corner.

Maybe have the option to toggle it on or off for people with preferences.


Mhh… have not heard of anything like this yet. But most of the time you can say my dome is halfway ready instead of time and the more/longer you play you’ll get to known the timer and get used to it. :slight_smile:


The dome has one of the longest cooldowns in the game, there’s going to a lot of times it’s not going to be simply at halfway. It’s all about accurately communicating information quickly while in a heated battle and not having to guess “uh I think my bar has 15 or 20 seconds left”.

It’s a standard feature that should be implemented in the game due to the genre.


It would make the hunter side even more easier and less fun :slight_smile: You have to somehow make it a bit harder for them. I’m not against it but it’s not needed in my opinion, don’t know if they devs have had a discussing about this but i would assume so.


What…? It’s a completely standard thing to have cooldown timers on abilities in games. Adding timers won’t make it “less fun” and looking at blue bars isn’t the most efficient way to relay visual information, why do you think so many games add in the timers.

Just sounds like you’re trying to think of anything why it’s not a good idea, when it is.


It would make it less fun for me :slight_smile: It’s all personal preference.


Personally, a timer would get in the way of my little blue bar… but I have never been an exact science kind of guy.


Make it an option.
Abortions for some, miniature American flags for others.

Personally, I prefer a timer with an actual number on it. Knowing the exact time for a cooldown is extremely useful for the player. Especially for the longer cooldown abilities like the mobile arena.


I would say yes add the timer but make it come up when you equip or try to equip the ability. I would prefer that sort of stuff not cluttering up the screen.


I got a slight hunch that @rctboy95 is a monster player :stuck_out_tongue: thats why he says that.

anyway, i too would like a timer for abilities (for both monster and hunter) id also love a hud indicator and/or a sound when an ability with a long cooldown is ready


Yes I support the timer addition!


I think in the case of the dome if your not paying attention the character yells out dome ready. @Slewey calm down @Rctboy95 was just stating his thoughts on this.


I am a monster player :slight_smile: haha


I don’t care one way or another if there are timers or not. I see the point, sort of.

IMO - if you and your team do not have enough situational awareness of the class your playing to give an approximate “CD” time without a timer, then the information of the how much time is left is probably not going to benefit anyone anyway :smile:

Said another way: If you’re pro enough that you’re coordinating that closely, you’ll know the CD without a timer. If you’re not that pro, knowing the CD wont help the team anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


Can we get insight from @MacMan or @SlabOMeat


Evolve’s UI uses many circular progress meters (Monster Evolution, Consumption Progress). The problem with this is that it has variable indications of time.

When you eat a Hunter Corpse, it is a FULL CIRCLE, made up of 2 BLOCKS that might take 2 SECONDS to eat (1 BLOCK/SEC RATE)

When you eat a small animal, it is a FULL CIRCLE, made up of 3 BLOCKS that might takes 3 SECONDS to eat (1 BLOCK/SEC RATE)

Though both those examples have the same initial visual (A Full Circle), it is hard to discern that they are made up of a different number of blocks, and might be confusing to the user as to why one took 2 seconds and the other took 3 seconds.

Same deal with abilities cooldown timers, both Monster and Hunter. For the Monster, there is a difficult to see counter-clockwise animation on the ability icon. Once charged, a beam of light breaks through to indicate it is ready. That cue acts as a way to get the player’s attention to draw focus to their ability being ready.

Many games allow alternate methods of indication. Some (like the stamina ability) place information near the reticule so that it is adjacent to the focus of the player (however you have to make sure the UI is minimal so as not to clutter or interfere with their “sight picture”)

Ultimately a more standardized method of ability cooldowns might be beneficial to the game.


I think that looking at the ability especially with gear is part of the risk…and realistic. Good things to me. I mean in real life or challenging games you have to know and keep count of ammo and when to reload etc. Looking at the ability like the dome to me is fine because it reminds me of any kind of signal light. You can look at the traffic light to see when to go or stop but you are risking looking away from the car right in front of you…same concept to me and quick glances are all I need. And without an exact time it makes it seem more intense to me. “How much time till you can drop the dome?” “Soon, just hold him down a little longer.” I feel it adds more to the communication and importance of communication with out the timer too. Instead of the 2nd quote it’d be “25 seconds” done…eh less intense feeling to me idk.


Real life shouldn’t factor into a video game. Also regarding the ammo or when to reload I agree it isn’t a big deal unlike most FPS games simply because we have unlimited ammo.

That’s comparing a real life dangerous situation to a harmless scenario in a video game which isn’t really a valid point.

Again, this is your preference. I’m asking for an option to have it turned on or off to satisfy both parties. You’re saying you don’t want it so there’s no reason that I should have it either, which doesn’t make sense because we all have our own ways of handling things. Because this feature is so basic and used in lots of games it’s a completely reasonable request.


Like i said in the other topic, just because other games have it does not mean evolve needs it -.-

Many games also have FFA/TDM so evovle should have it aswell then?


Actually I’ll correct you, it’s because you and other people don’t need it so you think people like me and other people don’t need it. Just because Evolve didn’t have it in the first place doesn’t mean it never needed it.

I’m asking for a dead simple HUD option, not an entirely new game mode that draws huge resources from a financial and manpower aspect. Evolve was never developed to have FFA/TDM because it was always 4v1 before it was even created. Am I asking for something difficult? No. I honestly don’t know why you brought that up.