Cooldown Reduction vs. Damage Increase

Which is better for a Monster? Cooldown Reduction lets you throw an attack out more often allowing for you to burn the Hunter’s jetpack more and more chances to hit the hunters whereas Damage Increase will reward you more damage when you land the attack but there are less opportunities to use it.

  • Cooldown Reduction
  • Damage Increase

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It entirely depends on the monster and your playstyle.
Damage increase if you want to burst people down quickly and cooldown reduction if you are in for the long run.

Yeah for me it depends on the monster:

  • Kraken - Cooldown Reduction, I find Kraken relies heavily on burst combo damage so the cooldown reduction is needed to get those combos off more often.
  • Wraith - Damage Increase or more often Run Speed. Wraith has good melee, so a damage increase is good, but usually I will go with Run speed.
  • Goliath - Damage Increase or Run Speed, same as Wraith. I’ll only pick Damage Increase when playing Arena.
  • Behemoth - Damage Increase, his abilities have a good cooldown on them, the extra damage is nice.

I’m sure if you do the math CDR beats damage increase fairly quickly and allows you to seize opportunities you’d otherwise miss without the CDR.
As others have said its up to your play style.

Damage for arena, CD for hunt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Depends on what you’re going for.

Take Griffin for example. There’s 2 ways to use his Harpoon Gun effectively and which one is more effective than the other usually depends on which Monster you’re facing.
You can argue that Reload Speed is the best perk for Griffin, others consider Quick Switch.
It depends on whether you plan on spamming your Harpoon Gun as often as you can (vs a Kraken that doesn’t use Aftershock for example) or you can save the Harpoon for when the Monster traverses / uses an ability (vs a Goliath that relies on Leap Smash too much).
It depends on what you prefer and the situation you face.

Same with CDR vs Dmg Increase in my opinion. If you want to save up your abilities so you can tactically combo them after each other at a later time for maximum burst damage, pick Damage Increase.
If you want to keep putting pressure on them for the long run, pick Cooldown Reduction so you can keep throwing abilities at them whenever they’re available.

If we’re talking about Arena mode, I prefer Damage Increase when I go with 2 points in 3 abilities and I prefer Cooldown Reduction when I put 3 points in 2 abilities.

Do people actually consider this the best perk for grif? I’ve never heard this

Griffin’s SMG is arguably one of the easiest weapons to score headshots with, so when a good Griffin deals consistently high damage to the Monster and then still manages to Harpoon it in the back when it tries to get away / focus a target, you got yourself a Trapper that can both deal high damage AND stop the Monster dead in its tracks fairly effectively.

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I can see this use for it, but I’ve never heard anyone say it’s better than reload, reload affects the dome too

So you harpoon the monster in front of him??? Wait, that wont work most of the time right???

Of course not, it’s more important to land the Harpoons in the back than to land your SMG bullets in the front (for headshots).
If for any reason you don’t have clear line of sight to the Monster when it turns its back to you when it escapes, it means you positioned yourself incorrectly.

What I’m saying is that if you position yourself between different high-priority targets then it’s definitely possible to land a good amount of headshots AND harpoon it in the back when it decided to target someone else.

An example would be if the Medic stood on YOUR side for some stupid reason. You resort to the SMG because Harpooning it from your position is useless. Then when the Monster tries to attack the Medic, she gets shielded by Hank who turns out to be all the way on the other side. Monster realizes he needs to go for Hank first, turns around, tries to leap towards Hank but then you Harpoon it in the back.

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I always use quick switch with Griffin.

-It allows me to quickly harpoon the monster after throwing the dome to prevent it from escaping (which ultimately means I can dome the monster without getting really close to it.

-It allows me to go from damaging the monster to harpooning the monster (and vice versa) so as to keep up my DPS and still react quickly when CC is needed.

-Planting sound spikes doesn’t take nearly as long

I never thought of that, might test switch out later

I feel that Damage increase is better simply because while you can get your combo up more often, you give enough time for Jetpacks and Healing to take in effect. In High level play it’s all about burst. CDR doesn’t add extra burst, it adds extra sustain. Damage increase also increases melee damage which is not an insignificant source of damage.

As for Griffin, I still feel reload is loads better than quick swap. The extra second or so shaved from swapping to a dome/harpoon combo can be worked around. Having a faster dome and reloading harpoons faster after a dome falls is way more important.

I use damage for my leap rock goliath because it’s an instant down

In High level play it’s all about burst. CDR doesn’t add extra burst, it adds extra sustain. Damage increase also increases melee damage which is not an insignificant source of damage.

Exactly. It’s all about getting high damage in a short amount of time, before people can really react or deal with it. Let alone CDR doesn’t affect melees, while damage buff does. CDR leads to higher overall damage, but not in the way you need it.

So do you run damage increase?

I do, at least on Goliath, Wraith, and Behemoth. I’m unsure on whether I like move speed or damage for Kraken. The only exception is Arena Kraken, where I do run CDR.

Alright because I’m trying to figure this out for my Goliath. My Kraken has Cooldown either way.

Depends on monster, not the same for every one of them.