Cooldown Reduction Albino Buff Does Not Belong on Monsters


Honestly, I don’t see how this was overlooked or how it hasn’t been adjusted yet. What does Cooldown Reduction give hunters? More cloaks, more shields, more domes, more heal bursts. What does it give to monsters? Well, it applies to every single one of their skills which also happen to be the primary source of their damage, give them better mobility and utility. It just makes no sense. Why is this bonus the same for monsters and hunters when it’s easily 10x better for monsters?

There is nothing a monster with CDR can’t do. A stasis’d Goliath with CDR won’t be hampered in the slightest. You won’t even know they’re slowed. A Kraken with CDR can pump out damage at an unbelievable rate with absolutely no chance at healing through it unless they’re just terrible. Seriously, bring it down, it’s ridiculous and obviously an issue in tournament play and high-level play all around. Hopefully you get the point.


Those are two different buffs you’re talking about
The Megamouth gives the class cooldown ability and the stealth pounce bonus
And the mammoth bird gives the cooldown reduction, and the increased item switch and reload


Nono I understand that, I know that CDR comes from mammoth bird for monster and it comes from Toad for hunters, what I’m saying is that the buff value itself is the same and that doesn’t make a lick of sense.


I’ve gotten about half my stage 1 Goliath wins (I’d say roughly 25-30 out of 200+ish matches? Not too small of a number.) because of this buff alone. I totally agree that it’s way too strong for a Monster.


I feel that the majority of high tier buffs is better for the monster then the hunters.


Class ability is one of the strongest out there. It means assault can personal shield every 15s seconds, you can be domed every 30, healing burst cd is non existant and you can spam cloak at your leisure.


Damage bonus, damage resistance, CDR, and health regen should be heavily nerfed or they should offer matchmaking without them imo


I do agree with nerfing the wildlife buffs, like
Cooldown reduction - 50%-> 40%
Damage 35% -> 25/20%
Damage reduction 35%-> 25/20%

And make those spawn random, instead of the same spot.


You’re mixing up two buffs:

CDR is always on Mammoths, for both teams. It’s always like this. CDR affects things like the Medgun, Tranqs, Napalm Launcher, etc. For the Monster it decreases ability CDs, as you know.

Toad buff gives pounce damage and Class Cooldowns only.

Also, you should’ve seen it in Alpha. It was 100%.



That’s not far enough imo


Sorry but it’s not even close. We’re talking about nearly double damage output, mobility and/or utility compared to more personal shiels, heal bursts and domes…

You must either be a Monster-only player or have zero experience with hunters at a high level of play to think that they are comparable. CDR for monsters is absurdly-powerful on an entirely different level when compared to the hunters. If the hunters received 50% CDR on ALL of their skills/weapons instead of just on their class abilities then it’d be a different story.


I would say more like

Cooldown reduction: Hunters - 35% Monsters - 25%

The rest sound good.

Even 25% CDR is still an incredibly powerful buff for monsters considering that the majority of their power comes from skills. 25% more skills used in a given amount of time is significant.


As a nearly 100% Monster player, I agree with TRS that the elite buffs should be strong… game changing, even!

But as it is, they’re game-DEFINING a lot of the time, where the buff isn’t the extra oomph the monster needs to win, but an extra warhammer the monster uses to completely deconstruct your very souls.

Here’s my solution (all changes monster-side only):

  1. Make elite buffs the same power as a 3-star perk. Still very powerful and game-changing, but not ridiculous.

  2. With the first change in mind, allow the elite perk to stack with your perk of choice. So if you go 15% damage as your chosen perk and get an elite damage perk, you’re at +30% damage with both instead of +35% with just the elite buff.

This means that most stacked perks will be slightly weaker than the current elite versions, so it’s not like you’ll have “auto-win +20% runspeed for Goliath” and “auto-win +35% damage bonus for Goliath” at the same time. It’ll be +20% run speed (or whatever perk you choose) and +15% damage. Still very powerful, but again, manageable, the hunters won’t want to consider alt+F4ing as soon as the “monster has x perk” pops up on-screen. No joke, roughly 10% of my opponents will DC after I get a damage or cooldown elite buff.

Telemetry and Game Balance

I agree it is strong but don’t forget that any buff for the monster is stronger because it is x4 on all the hunters.

It may decrease cooldown a for 4 moves on 1 monster, but it also decreases the cooldown for 1 move on each 4 hunters. So in both scenarios its 4 moves with decreased cooldowns.

I just think at most they should lessen it a bit.

Also which buff that appears is a bit random since it’s one of 2 on a high level wildlife that could spawn in multiple places.


Can’t figure out if this is a troll or not.

Incase it isn’t:

Mammoths for hunters is just purely reload speed for any battery/weapon clip just like the perk. It’s no different. For monsters it reduces the cooldown of every skill, much different and much better. Also, reload speed perk has zero effect on character skills like Super Soldier or UAV, so again, nowhere near as strong for hunter.

Also, I’m aware that toad buff is class cooldowns only and pounce for monsters…

I was in the alpha and I don’t remember it being 100%


Agreed on every point, including the solution. Well-said.


It’s good to argue your point, but do refrain from making broad, sweeping assumptions. Everyone thinks and acts differently- I think being able to dome every thirty seconds or spam Healburst is a greater advantage to Hunters than increasing DPS and utility for Monsters, in many different scenarios. I’m not going to argue that point- I have about ten million notifications right now :slight_smile: - but just keep in mind that your way is not the only way.

However I do agree, absolutely, 100%, that a lot of buffs need to be tweaked. ESPECIALLY this one.


By this I thought you meant that CDR was acquired through Mammoth birds for the Monster and Toads for the Hunters. I misconstrued. Apologies.


You can outheal almost anything a monster does as lazarus with class cooldown. Personally I just run straight into the monsters face when I have that buff because what is he gonna do about it?

I think you aren’t as high level as you think you are because you don’t even know the power of dome into dome and literally invulnerable assaults.


You’re right, I apologize for the sweeping accusation, it’s just that I have a hard time believing that a skilled and knowledgeable player could possibly think that the two things are comparable. The problem with your rationalization is that you shouldn’t be getting caught every 30 seconds to actually allow the Trapper to take such perfect, 100% advantage of the buff. That’s the whole point, it’s extremely unlikely that hunters are actually fully utilizing the extra uptime that CDR provides. You just don’t need a lot of those things to have more uptime. It’s not always a good idea to blow cloak, personal shield or heal burst as soon as it comes off cooldown again. Monsters, on the other hand, have absolutely ZERO issue utilizing 100% of the buff for the entire duration of a battle. It’s ALWAYS in your best interest to try and use every skill as often as possible for maximum damage and control.