Cooldown for super Gobi

Gobi needs a longer cooldown. Currently, by the time the hunters lose the Gobi visual of the monster, he can be launched straight away and this can be repeated indefinitely. The poor fella needs a little rest at least.

When Sunny is in the team Crow becomes a mini-Gobi himself, as the jetpack boost launches the Crowbi who can then spam Gobi. This can go on indefinitely, unless the trapper over extends and can be downed, but this is happening less now as players get better. I can’t imagine the really good trappers doing that.

Monster players can still survive by outfoxing Crow, but the cost of this is that games extend to well over the 20min mark, sometimes still at stage 1.

So I suggest extending the cooldown of Gobi (once the visual disappears) to 5 seconds.

It’s difficult to alter crow too much because in the hands of a new player he can be straight up monster fodder, but an experienced player puts Gobi’s flight stamina to the test as its spammed constantly.

The game can be pretty boring for the assault and medic who simply follow sunny and hope the trapper can get a dome down. Since the monster knows he’s spotted he’ll just keep running…


I think Gobi is fine. If you play the same way you play vs Abe you would be good. Just keep running and eating. Dont care if you are actually darted by Abe or highlighted by Gobi. Just keep out of a trapper’s dome range.


gobi is fine

or well hes pretty meh

Gobi was not the all seeing alien falcon people hyped him up to be lol


If Goby is tracking you, take a 90° turn to either the right or left. Then Crow will be back at step 1, where he have to guess where you are.

Haha, no. Gobi(and Crow) is good right where he’s at.

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I just think there should be some actual counter play to Gobi. Like if you are hiding in a bush Gobi shouldnt be able to see you…

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If you get him patched I’m coming for you.

Gobi is fine…


Gobi is fine, if you are getting tracked constantly make sure not to go straight and take turns sneak behind walls in different directions and use your ears, the best way to dodge gobi is to listen for him and smell for crow so you get a general idea on direction. gobi is only as good as the person playing crow. Gobi’s cd is based mostly on how far the user sends him out, the clearer and longer the path the longer the flight time.

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Gobi is fine for you as hunters…

Gobi is fine.

I have played vs crow as monster, i don’t play monster regularly but I do find it easy to avoid crow and gobi you just need to play crow a bit on hunter side to figure out how to play against him. He is really easy to avoid if you pay attention to what you do and what the hunters are doing.

i figure out he needs a cooldown on gobi, yes.

Crow by himself is ok, out manoeuvring him is not a problem. Crow and Sunny together though and the 90degree tactic is absolutely useless if you don’t want to leave tracks, any good trapper sees those tracks and is on you again straight away.

This is as Wraith btw, I’ve had about 5 our 6 matches against him and sunny together doing this challenge (1 was on Nest and was over in 6mins, #TeamWraith) but most on Hunt lasted about 25mins of me trying to get distance to evolve, dodging getting domed etc which I honestly don’t mind doing.

The only reason I mention this isn’t because it’s unfair on the monster player, it’s just that it results in a boring stalemate. I got messages from one team for being boring as I survived for over 20mins. If I had longer I’d get to stage 3 and pick then off or take out the relay. I’d wear them and the Gobi spam down but we’ve got a time limit tipped in the hunters favour if they can’t kill me in half an hour they win.

So I’m meant to give in and give them a nice win. No chance.



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lol. wraith is generally boring to play unless you get one that knows how to engage a team properly. As a wraith you can sneak up on a team, i took out a whole team stage 1 with 3 in warp blast. their trapper had an unforetunate incident with reavers(i corraled them into a pile for food)… insert troll face so I popped out took him out only after he popped his arena, and dashed off with no worry of getting domed for a little, so i could armor up again at my leisure. I they snuck up on my in my spot where i was getting ready to evolve once again their medic failed to heal their trapper, so i took him out again getting his second strike. and while medic was busy trying to heal trapper i took some hp off of support warp blasted over trapper just enuf so his down meter would keep meid busy then moved bakc on support. They had torvald for their assault, his want to use mortars was bad since I didnt stay still that often. took out support and zipped over to medic before assault could notice i murdered support took medic out and pounced assault. X3 The trapper was crow. So it really is all about positioning along with the fact we already have maggie, daisy is harder to deal with. You can juke gobi and crow but daisy follows tracks, they will catch up to you eventually. Argument, daisy is more OP than gobi. My only beef is that i was hiding in abush the trapper sent out gobi like 6 times before he found me e_e; I couldnt move from my spot, I was hoping he wouldnt angle just right. However, Crow imo is not OP, he requires a good trapper. If I play crow I send gobi over for cut offs not straight to follow. My team can follow easily enough, once you highlight a monster they dont sneak they just run, it is their job to push. So, if you see a team going for a cut off go towards where the trapper isnt and continue going until you pass them up so they dont box you. e_e I wrote too much, much rant.

The last team I faced consisted of Sunny Crow Caira Hyde. I won after 20mins of running around, getting my 10secs to evolve and moving on and yea lots of warp blast.

I don’t have a problem with Crow, I just see the exploitable opportunity that’s gifted by having a match-shaping ability with zero cooldown time.

I’ll keep doing the right things to dodge it as a monster player, the hunters that play me will just have to put up with a lot of running :smile:

I wish Gobi’s vision was line of sight… Its very annoying when he sees you one floor below or above ;/

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