Cool strategies you're eager to try?


Anyone baked up ideas for not so obvious tricks to use in the game?

I figured it would be an awesome idea on nest, rescue or defend to have the support and trapper (maybe with the assault/medic depending on the mode) split away from the group and try and find the monster, when they do the trapper puts down the arena, the support activates his cloak, and the monster is stuck jumping around the arena like a monkey while his eggs and snacks get dealt with while he can do nothing to stop it. Even when the cloak goes down the team could try and do some damage and leave whenever they want to. Hey look on the bright side Monster, you can get some armour, don’t evolve though, or you’ll be kicked while you’re down by some angry hunters.

I also want to try a stasis grenade + barrage combo, it seems WAY easier to pull off than a harpoon + barrage attack.


Caira+Parnell combo

Because instanteous super soldier regen.


Defend as the monster is just attacking no tricks :smile:

Nest will be something diffrent, maybe when 2 eggs are left and i’m stage 2 i’ll hatch one and go to the last one to have a big 4V2 fight.

No idea about rescue, just kill them i guess? xD stage up maybe once before having the 5 members.


I can’t wait to do this myself, though I rather hope I win before 1 left! :smiley:

There will be a lot of close finishes on Nest I can tell already!


Yea Nest will have some very close and fun games but hunt still seems as the most fun tho :smile:


Well, as a monster I’m going to try to kill a four meat monster prior the dome going up, and then eat it midways, that’s gonna be fun.


nice one ! I always though of the trapper trapping the monster, but i didn’t have the answer to : how is he surviving. Nice combo idea with the support !!

I also tough to a strategie, with experienced hunter : for this we need this comp (this more for hunt than for the others, maybe rescue too) :smile:
_Hyde or Parnell

what can you do with that ? What i call a “medic bait”, this is how you do it :

This is a comp built for fight, not finding the monster or keeping him on the ground etc, it’s to fight. So, Obviously, when the monster’s good, he’s going to focus that fcking lazarrus right ? Then when the monster’s focus laz, griffin constantly grap him, to avoid him from doing to much damage. Laz stay close but not too close (to make the monster attack him, but not close enough to die). When laz get hit, first you heal burst. Then hank shield laz. When shield’s out, you got heal burst agin, then when heal burst and hank shield’s are down, you cloak. During the cloak cd comes back, and while laz get’s shielded and while he heals him self, cloak cd come back. And you do this again and again. Meanwile on assault : AHAHA BURN LOL AHAAAAAAAA BURRRRRN MOOOORE. He’s free dps !
if hank’s focus, he got a cloak too.

What’s good i think here, is if you play it really well, this is subtile enough to force the focus on the medic, but keeping him unkillable, while the monster THINKS he choosed to focus him, just because he’s laz, so he wont stop hitting him. So assault dps the monster again and again, and nobody dies.

What do you think of it ?


The problem with the support + trapper is that at best you delay the monster for 15-20 seconds. I feel that you attacking the eggs are better served than stalling. :slight_smile: Just my 2 monster pesos.


My strategy as monster on nest is hatch an egg go stage up while minion distracts hunters then wreck them at stage3


Here are a few team compositions I want to try out with their suggested strategies. They’re focused on Hunt but may work in other modes. No one seemed interested in discussing strategies when I previously made a thread on this:

The Debuff Team

  • Val
  • Abe
  • Cabot
  • Hyde
    This team is all about keeping the monster debuffed. Stay spread out, keep the monster weak, and rek face. Debuffs: Tranq shot, sniper tags, stasis nades, tracking dart, damage amp, radioactive dust, flame thrower, and toxic nades. That’s a lot keeping the monster weak while all hunters except Val have huge damage potential at any given time and of course Val brings the heals so any damage the monster is capable of is easily negated.

The Roaming Tank It All Team

  • Val
  • Hank
  • Hyde
  • Preferred Trapper
    This setup looks to make Hyde the monster’s focus and keeping the rest of the team out of range. With both Val and Hank there should always be at least one protection on the monster’s focus. Hyde can deny an area to the monster with his toxic nades such as the area Val or Hank are in.

The Almighty Turtle Team

  • Bucket
  • Markov
  • Maggie
  • Preferred medic (Recommend Laz as this is a end game strat)
    Spread out sentries, harpoon traps, and mines. Keep them up and deny the area (power relay) completely. The hunters would have to be patient and NOT bring the fight to the monster. All fighting must be in the turtle or each hunter will become vulnerable causing the whole team to scramble. This works if the hunters let their deployables win the game and keep on the move and continue to keep their equipment setup.

The Keep It Running Team

  • Bucket OR Cabot (Pick prefered playstyle)
  • Griffin OR Maggie (Pick prefered playstyle)
  • Caira
  • Parnell
    This is what makes humans the most scary predators of all. A pursuant predator. This team make up allows the hunters to keep up with the monster and wittle him away or bring the game to a LONG close denying the monster any action but running. This team relys on catching the monster right away and then denying area. Once the monster leaves (if it’s smart!) the team can keep up with it and never let it go. I like bucket for area denial and short term tracking but cabot would be great with his rail gun and dust, Griffin is good for the long term keeping motion sensors up every where (Remember the monster will always be on the run if not fighting) but maggie can be great for catching those sneaky monsters and leaving traps in commonly used passage ways, Caira is a must with her AE speed boost to catch that monster when it runs, and Parnell with his adrenaline and damage potential is great for both catching up and that all important area denial.

The Tempo Team

  • Laz
  • Bucket
  • Parnell
  • Abe
    For those that don’t know, a tempo build means it builds up so much it becomes overwhelming. Well that’s the idea here. The damage rolls in and keeps building up until the monster MUST escape or it will die very quickly. Once Laz has 10 tags up and Bucket has dropped all his sentry turrets, the real damage starts pouring in. At the same time as all that Abe has finished laying down stasis nades and will start using his shotty and Parnell can pop his ardenaline now. 5 seconds into the fight a huge amount of damage can be delivered to the monster and if he wants to escape he has to get out of stasis nades. Ideally a good place to do this would be in an environment with one ledge to climb up or an open area for Goliath or a low ceiling location with room to be spread out. Think circular arena.


As a monster, when i see laz + hank on the same team i usually focus on hank, he cloaks, i run and kite. when he loses his stealth i beat the shit out of him and back off till laz get close and i beat the shit out of laz too.

I think this game is more about positioning and where you drop the arena than what you choose.
of course there are some comp that may excel more than other but what it really comes down to is where and how you fight the monster


Ummm… I think you misunderstood Caira’s ability. She doesn’t impact reload/recharge speeds, just movement speed.


I am really excited to try trap team. I am a sucker for a good elaborate trap, and can think of lots of fun ways to manipulate a map after the alpha.


I want to try the slam dunk Goliath, stage 1 win with 3 points in leap smash <3


So Stage 1 3 tier skill name winners.

Leap Smash = Slam Dunked
Firebreath = George Foremaned
Charge = Bullied (Like Bull Charge)
Rock Throw = Rocked

Lightning Strike = Shell Shocked
Vortex = Blown Away
Aftershock = Quaked
Banshee Mines = Went down screaming


Nononono, rock throw is called KT Event.


I was debating about making more ‘racey’ terms, but when I got to Vortex and wanted to call it Katrina I knew I should stop :stuck_out_tongue:


Naaah, you misunderstood me!

I was talking about Parnell popping Super Soldier just as Caira hits him with a Heal nade. Not only that should have Parnell get the health back, but it also sounds plausable to execute in a combat situation. So yeah.


Whilst this is true, I believe the amount of health Parnell loses is enough for healing burst from any medic or a couple seconds of Val’s healing stream to top it back off.


go absofuckinglutely nuts on newcomers :goliath_roar: :goliath_roar: :goliath_roar: