Cool Monster Fan Art (Single Piece) Share Yours!


Now please who ever drew this is a fricken boss! I was looking around for Evolve Backgrounds and ended up with this:

Okay going to bed, see your replies tomorrow!


I don’t mean to be an ass, it’s really good quality art, but Behemoth doesn’t looks like that… he’s not that scaly.
Other tham that it does look cool. I’m a little confused at the title of the thread though.

changing title for now because it doesn’t really explain this well


damn that wraith is badass :heart_eyes:


It’s by a Japanese artist


now if the savage wraith was shiny red like that


I like the behemoth I mean its sicker then the actual one



To each their own. :slightly_smiling:


meh everyone has a opinion


Ok, this is hugely badass! Whoever made this needs an epic high five ASAP. I’m totally saving a copy - I need to find something to use this as a background on.


I think that behemoth was originally a Goliath lol


Behemoth got tired of being called fat. He’s showing off his abs.


Yeah if definitely looks as if the shape of the behemoth was originally supposed to be goliath…and makes sense to have the mascot be the center but changed his mind later lol, other than that as a whole looks fantastic


That’s why it’s my PC Bacground now :stuck_out_tongue: :slightly_smiling:

Oh and go ahead and share the ones you guys have found that are “Badass”


this is the best art i have ever seen! even though behemoth doesn’t look like that but wraith and Gorgon!


Looks like Lava Sonic was out sick and had to call in his son to substitute. Unless that’s not Behemoth…




So maybe Behemoth doesn’t look the way he’s supposed to but you can agree that he actually kinda looks better that way…right?


He does seem more organic, which makes him more aesthetically similar to the first 3.


Maybe he lifted some Goliath weights and he wanted to lose weight :stuck_out_tongue:


“Gasp” I can’t breath from the shear awesomeness.


(Pun intended)