Cool down timer for Supernove and Armor recharge rate during combt?


So i just gone up against a wraith (Again) but this time i noticed he was regening armor in the split seconds that my team wasnt firing on him. Could somebody tell me the cool down time on super nova as this player had his up 5seconds after he used it that cant be right can it?


If you recorded it I suggest you look at that and count the seconds between uses, as time is somewhat diffuse when fighting ingame. He could also have been using the armor regen perk and had gotten the cooldown reduction buff…


just watched it over LOL thought my team was shooting it but they thought staring at it would be more affective, guess i know why it got iots armor back xD


There is also an Armor Regen Elite buff which comes from the Elite Reaver I think it’s called. So If by chance he was double dipping by stacking those two it might have been entirely possible.

He could have also had the eating speed perk and been eating small mobs in the corners of the Arena, I often do this myself.


If I remember correctly it’s 9seconds and if the player uses Tire 3 cooldown perk it recharges 30% faster


He probably picked up the cool down perk at the start. Most Wraith players take that perk. As for armor, I think there is 50% faster armor regeneration buff that can be found in the wildlife. Could have picked that up. Also, I know some abilities recharge faster in combat, but I don’t know which ones or the rates. I have noticed supernova recharges pretty fast normally.


You can’t stack two perks with the same effect. You only get the better one of the two.