Cooking with LordDerp: curry!


Inspired by @Atrinoch, here’s my attempt at teaching y’all how to cook one of me favorite dishes! Like Atrinoch, this was captured via snapchat, though these are just pictures (because there is a possibility I had loud music on and was singing along very badly, hence why I didn’t film it).

Anyways, without further ado, here it is (mobile users beware):

Bird and sweet potatoe curry


I want this.

Is that Thai red curry paste? There are many kinds of curry, but I think it must be that one.


Looks like a Thai red, and it looks delicious!


Aye, Thai Red curry paste! :blush:


Now I want to make it exactly like you did, well done!


Why is using a dull knife important, @LordDerp?

I cook a lot, but I’ve never gotten instructions like that.


The Sopophorous bean should be crushed with a silver dagger, not cut, releases juices more efficiently.

I suspect the mention of a dull knife was a bit of self deprecating humor on LordDerp’s part. Just like where he tells you to forget to thaw the frozen spinach ahead of time.


^^This pretty much. Didn’t have a knife that was both sharp and big enough to easily cut through raw potatoes, hence the joke. Same with the spinach xD




Nothing to see here…


Yeah, I was a bit (read: A LOT) sleep deprived, hence the mistakes… and terrible jokes…



Crush with flat side of silver dagger, releases juice better than cutting.

You used a wiki!



Is this not 2017? You prefer whatever mangled quote I can dredge from my memory? This is how things are done nowadays. :laughing:

but tbh I’m ashamed you caught me :cry:


I never thaw frozen spinach ahead of time when putting it in my food, didn’t realise it may be intended to!


I’ve inspired a new age of cooking on the forums! Nice recipe I’ll have to give this a try. Mean while I’m working on my next episode which will be Pasta Carbonara


Looks great. One question though: How do you make your curry paste?


That’s probably the one things I’m lazy with;

######I just buy it ready-made from the grocery store ._.


Uhm,correct me if i’m wrong,but i don’t quite know about this dish but it look really derpressing.Can you tell me about the flavor and structure this food contain ?


You can do that?!

I been making it homemade this whole time when I could have been lazy?!!!


I mean, I didn’t even know you could make it yourself :joy:

@LemonTree I mean, it’s a curry. Chicken/turkey, sweet potatoes, rice, and standard curry crap (pepper, spices, coconut milk, soy sauce).
Together, it becomes a bit of a mush I guess? Barely have to chew, even the chicken/turkey is nice and tender if done correctly.


I actually dislike coconut milk, but I tried the curry anyway. I’m pretty bad when it comes to cooking, but it tasted pretty good :smiley: