Convince a monster player to get DLC hunters (Me)


I’m really on the fence about getting them, I mostly only player Hunster when I either join in progress or the game decide it time to take a break from monster

When I do player hunters, I tend to do support or Assailt ( really like Hyde).

So someone give me some insight or whatever else yall might have about these hunters lol, wouldn’t mind supporting TRS for future things and who’s know might actually find some deep loving for hunters and PUG


Try them. In Alpha I would only play Monster. Not touching anything else. Then I got thrown into a match as Hank and I loved it. Started playing a lot more Hunter.

As for the Tier 4 Huntrolls…Hmm. All of them are fun, certainly, but you’re best watching gameplay to see if you like them.


If you don’t really play hunter I probably wouldn’t recommend getting the hunter dlcs. If you want to support TRS there is other dlcs you could buy that you’d get more out of them.

If you do really want to buy them, I’d probably say that you should play hunters a bit more before deciding whether the pack is worth it to you


Good advice, I’d also advise only getting one that really interests you.

I’d recommend against buying one for perceived balance state - only buy if you really like the playstyle.


Torvald is a space Viking. What more could you possibly want?


Don’t, the prices for the hunters are abysmal, wait until they put them up on sale.

Support them with something less expensive for the time being if you still intend to help them out, like say with a couple nice of their nice photoshop skins er something,


At least buy torvald so you actually get to know how it feels to be a monster.


I main monster and I bought them for two reasons.

  1. Cause I want a complete setup of hunters and monsters
  2. The main reason I bought them is to get to know what am I against.
    For a while I was clueless about certain abilities hunters have until the day i tried them. It gave me insight what difficulties they have and how to exploit them as a monster. “Know thy enemy”. And what is the better way to find counters for hunters than learning them from their side?
    on the side note…there are a lot of fun to play :smiley:


Honestly, don’t. These guys are expensive and unless you thoroughly enjoy playing hunter it’s not worth it. If you do buy, I’d suggest only buying one or two. You can try them out in solo mode(set them as your teammates then hotswap) to see if you really like one.

If your looking for ways to support trs just buy some of the skins. You don’t have to throw all your money at them to show support.


I don’t think you can hotswap in solo mode to hunters you dont own.
I’ll try to find the dev post about it.

EDIT: found the post


What the fuck? Didn’t the devs say you could before they released?


What platform are you on?


I’ve had the most fun with Torvald, and I’m not even the sort that usually plays assault, so if that’s your bag I’d definitely give him a go.


sigh, to play the hunters for free do this, go to customs pick hunters customize 3 to T4 and when in battle switch to the new hunters and try them out, if you like what you play buy them, if not then go monsters


Well played.