Controller Vs KB/M


As a PC gamer, I understand that everybody loves the keyboard and mouse. I understand that it jas a bit more precision, and I understand that it comes with your PC and is already set up. Nevertheless, I am absolute plopdumps and wagglesacks at KB/Ming, and Im good with a controller. Could someone explain the hullaballo? Am I disadvantaging myself? Also, how can I get better with the KB/M? Thanks!
PS: Please dont kill me for using controllers!

Will Evolve be compatable from pc to xbox1 and visa versa

Well I’m 100% in the KB/M camp, but I will concede that controllers are much better at doing precise movement, binary keys make it difficult to move at the right pace or sometimes in the right direction. As far as tips on getting better with KB/M, I’m not to sure, forcing yourself to use them and just practice, practice, practice is all the advice I can give. Mapping keys to comfortable positions may also help.


Thanks for the tips. As far as aiming goes, is KBM that much better?


On average I’d say yes, aiming is better on a KMB. It’s easier to track things and the biggest benefit is that you can do it a lot quicker once you’re comfortable.


Hmmm. I’ve only been gaming on a PC for a couple weeks, so is it worth buying a Windows lad? Or should I try and learn the mouse?


What do you mean?


Sorry, windows Pad. A controller for PC.


I’d recommend the keyboard and mouse for this game. And any game with first person elements on PC.


Do you have a console controller (xbox 360/XBONE)? Those are fully compatible with the computer and will save you a purchase.


I’d say learn the mouse for the sake of FPS games, the speed and accuracy is a nice benefit and you’ll appreciate it once you get the hang of it. Also I heard playing the Monster works pretty well with controllers, so you can get the best of both worlds.


Doesn’t matter.I know people who can smack K/M players with their controller.Yes with K/M you have more precision+speed so overall its better but it all comes down to what you are comfortable using.If you been playing all your life with controller you will be better with it in Evolve.


I have my old 360 pad, but its broken- had it for YEARS. Very good pad tho. Also, is it difficult to switch from a pad to a KBM?


K, thanks (-:


Please ask these people to add me on Steam. They can find me under ‘Eswin’ - same avatar. I’d like to play against these people.


You mean the controller people?You do realize that there are people who are playing(for example) call of duty proffesionally with a controller right?I mean yes 90% of random match-ups in random games would be in favor of K/M.But saying that you can beat EVERYONE who uses a controller is a bit ignorant.

Unless you talking about Counter-Strike.Counter-Strike can never be played with controller ;p


I played CSGO with a controller. I did well, but I’m generally mediocre in FPS games.


When I came over to PC 3 or so years back my previous controller experience was with the wii (don’t judge me), which actually could have been a good in-between because of the wrist movement. And I’d never go so far to say that controllers are inferior to KB/M, I just could never see myself completely switching over because I prefer having easier control over aiming (I have fat sausage fingers, using sticks is awkward).


I personally play KB/M 100% of the time for the last few years. I grew up playing on a controller for at least a decade though. Since KB/M and controller users are properly segregated it doesn’t really matter what you use. Just know if you’re using controller on a PC then you are handicapping yourself vs the others.

Controllers have a higher skill floor than KB/M but a lower ceiling.

This article is about a supposed Microsoft initiative to integrate console gamers with PC gamers. The results being console players were unable to compete and thus the integration project was canceled.


Im a console guy, and i got my PC like a week ago. People allways told me kb/m is better with FPS so i just gave it a try. I got used to it pretty fast and imo its easier than a controller. (dont hate me :frowning: ) I played on the PC when i was a kid so i think that helped me. But i think you just need to keep practicing and you will get there :wink:


Yeah i wonder why they even did the test.Same skill players,(Lets take cs:go rankings)lets say 2 silver rank players where to face-off the K/M guy would win anyday.