Controller Icons- PC


Does anyone else- on PC, using a mouse and keyboard- like to enable controller icons? I think they’re nice actually. Colorful, they really pop, and the old bullet points and number button icons on PC are an eyesore. :stuck_out_tongue:

So do any others do this?


I don’t even know how to do that ;-;


Main Menu, Options, Controller Options, first one on the list. I still use my mouse and keyboard, I just like the icons.

A lot.



I am the complete opposite, I really dislike the xbox menu/buttons and would rather not play at all than play with that menu


If I could have colours but not the xbox/ps3 icons that’d be nice… I get so confuzzled ;_;


The feels are too strong regarding this. I was utterly humiliated by 4 of my friends playing evolve at gamescom 2014. They had controllers plugged in at the booth, I was playing with Mouse+Keyboard and the keymapping was completely off from what was printed on the inforcards at the gaming station. So the only thing the game was throwing at me was ‘Press this controller button to evolve’ and ‘Press this controller button to eat’… needless to say I got completely rekt at stage 1 without actually doing anything since I didn’t even have time to look at the controls… the shame and humiliation I had to suffer through for the rest of the day… So no! Never again! The damage is done and the trauma sits deep. :disappointed:


@Roy that’s unfortunate lol Like the OP, I have an xbox controller on the PC since I played AC Liberation on here - I own the other AC games on xbox 360. Anyways, The color is a neat change of pace, but I find that if I don’t use the controller then it will auto-shut off and the game reverts back to normal UI display. I also lose connect to steam and have to reboot my PC for some reason D: Happened yesterday when I was playing with the xbox controller.

No idea how people play with that btw. You can’t do a custom controller configuration - only presets- and the attack-to-button placement is so awkward.