Continuity Error in the Evac trailer?


Something just occurred to me. Lazarus has his famous line that’s something along the lines of, “The monsters learn from us. The Kraken only appeared after Markov faced the Goliath. Then, when that was not enough, they tried stealth with the Wraith. When stealth was not enough, Behemoth.”

In the Evac trailer, Caira is looking out at a burning Shear. She says, “What could have done this?” and Cabot immediately responds by stating that the monsters did. He also mentions that they can, “breathe fire. Fry your ass with lightning. And those are just the ones we know about.”

Now, the Evac trailer takes place right before they touch down on Shear, which means that (according to Lazarus) they had never seen a Kraken before. No one had. The Kraken only appeared after Markov did, and this was before Markov’s first battle with the Goliath. Therefore, either Laz doesn’t make sense, or the trailer doesn’t.


Well you don’t KNOW cabot was referring to kraken. Maybe there is another monster that uses lightning? There are probably more monsters lorewise than what is shown ingame. But, ya. It feels pretty inconsistent.


Well according to Kala’s story, there are seven monsters on Shear, including our five in game. However, this could also be referring to the Host as a sixth.


I didn’t think that all of them were on Shear. I thought a couple had never shown up. That would explain why we’ve never seen Torvald’s Monster.


I was under the impression that the lady who was telling Kala about the monsters was showing her photographs taken on or of Shear’s surface, with different monsters clearly visible.


I figured it was pictures of the “known” Monsters, given that Shear is the latest planet to have been hit by them. They showed up in other places first and could have been documented at that point, giving them prior knowledge of all of them except Behemoth, who completely destroyed the colony he first showed up on.


That would mean that there are nine monsters in total then. Behemoth and Host were both on Factor, and as far as we know, those were their first appearances. Thus meaning, if they don’t have prior knowledge of Host or Behemoth, then they only knew of Goliath, Kraken, Wraith, Gorgon, and three others. The more you think about it, the more plausible my theory sounds.


We have no information to suggest that Goliath, Kraken, or Wraith were ever encountered before Shear. And because no one survived other monster attacks and Kala’s story doesn’t give us specifics about the other monsters, there could be hundreds of monster types.

But yes, there is a continuity error in the cinematic. Just like how he tells them they’ll drop in five, but then the prologue shows Hank was dropped first and alone, while the rest of them apparently sat around. Because of the nature of Evolve’s storytelling, there is no easy ‘solid’ canon. You have cutscenes, dropship dialogue, the evacuation info, and the app story to pick apart to see what is ‘canon’. For that matter, there isn’t even a canonical description of the evacuation. If you want real, undisputed canon on the events of Shear, only @Matthew can help you. Otherwise, the cutscene is just as valid on non-valid as that discussion.


Illuminati Confirmed.