Context corruption?

It only happened when I started winning the match against some hunters, what is that?

Try verifying the game cache integrity.

How do I do that?

No it just kicked me back to main menu. my game was performing fine and meets the requirements. It did mention in-game about the server is experiencing issues or something.

The instructions are in the post.

Yeah it validated but my game was running perfectly fine. It also only happened when during a match any explanation?

None, it’s only been reported a few times.

How it happened to them was it exactly the same or similar or was it different those other reports? Cause it helps to find a pattern.

Just use the search bar, it’s happened in one other topic recently.

ok I will look em up.

Ok I checked it could have something to do with incorrect loading maybe cause when I was in the match it said server is experiencing issues or connectivity idk. It seems to be random, but most likely just a server error. @TheMountainThatRoars that’s the best I could see so far.

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just had this today.

Ive had this quite a few times and … it always happens when the monster is about to lose. Seems odd…kind of hack’ish. Why doesnt it happen at the beginning of the game, or when im about to lose ?

  • remains suspicious *

I kind of jealous of other people who have that error during or after/during they play a round of game. Me, I have that error after the loading screen which is after the queue (before starting the game). What I can see is it is definitely not because of my PC spec since it’s already exceed the requirements of the game. @TheMountainThatRoars said that “it’s only been reported a few times”. But when I google this error, I find it that a lot of people have this problem and I can’t find a post from the game mod/dev saying that they will fix this bug/error. It makes me really sad and makes me wonder whether they really care about this bug/error or not. Wonder when will it be fixed since I can’t even play a single game except Training. sigh

I was referring to Stage 2,not Evolve Legacy.

And much like the device hung error, it’s not something that’s easy to source out.

I was referring to Stage 2 too. And btw, thanks for quoting their post on trying to fix it. Makes me feel a lil bit relieved. :smile:

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I started to experience this error just today, after some server crash or something like that (I got kicked back to main menu during the match). Now I got ‘context corruption’ every time after the match start - load screen is complete (before the match start), returning me to the main menu.

Quick update - verifying cashe did not help.

Jup same here for me and a friend, chrashes every time in the loading screen right before the Monster and the hunters get announced. Verifying the cashe didn’t help either. It seems like a lot of people experiencing this, so I guess Turtle Rock is already trying to fix it.

i have the same problem and have been posting regular updates on this post