Contest: Win a single-use Alpha code


Hi, I am making a new contest to win a single-use Alpha code.
I have 3 to give away, so 3 winners will be chosen.

To win an Alpha code, then draw anything at all, so long as it’s related to Evolve.
The contest starts today, so you can post your creations right now.
The competition is open now, and will close on Tuesday.
The voting will open once the competition closes, and winners will be selected.


  • Draw anything you like about Evolve
  • It must be hand drawn
  • You can use anything you want to draw the picture
  • Try and be creative

WINNERS will be rewarded with single use alpha code.

To submit, post your creations here and wait for Tuesday. The submissions will then be voted upon on Wednesday, and the winners will be selected.

Special thanks for @Plaff with helping me create this contest


MS Paint > Photoshop

It’s worth mentioning, you have a very high chance of getting into the Alpha with these codes. So get your submissions in :slight_smile:



Hand drawn on paper I assume? Because technically I hand draw onto my iPad. :laughing:


Yes :slight_smile: draw your creations on paper


I can’t post Images or links, because I’m a new User …
maybe some mod can edit my post and remove the 2 spaces
in the link? :wink: ty

Well … not my best work, but I didn’t drew anything for several years so my skills are a little rusty.
Hope you Enjoy it anyway :wink: It’s my expression of “EVOLVE - Meet the Monsters”.


I think you can if you Open this chat , than you click on image on top and than you should be able to :smile:
If not send me the picture on


Didn’t manage to get the picture in :confused: but the link will work, if u remove the spaces ^^


Sorted this out for you :thumbsup:

Great picture by the way :slight_smile:


Imgur Mirror

Goliath celebrating his 3rd Stage. He lights his own candles.

The only thing I had for coloring was a red pencil lol. I don’t draw at all so I’m glad this contest gave me a reason to, pretty fun stuff.


Ty for that pretty awesome i must say
My drawing is really awful btw :slight_smile:


This topic is now closed, winners have been picked and new replies are no longer allowed.


Your codes will be coming shortly :slight_smile: