(Contest Over) Chance to win Evolve, S1, or S2 pass. (PC)


I won Evolve codes for the game itself, a Season 1 pass, and a Season 2 pass. These are codes to enter on Steam.
Thanks to TRS for the codes from their stream! ^.^

This will be a contest centered around the new trapper, Jack.

Rules of the contest are as follows:

All art/stories must be titled, so we can enter yours. ^.^
Forum rules must be followed at all times in the contest. Breaking them will result in disqualification.
Everything must be Evolve themed!

Users can draw a picture of Jack, in either one of his personalities.
Users must have a background for the picture as well. Be it a colour splash, drawing of a map design in Evolve, a monster in the background eating something, etc.

If you’re not up for drawing, then you can write a story about Jack as well!
You may write a story about why he calls himself “The Jackal” In his perspective, or write a story about his background.
Or, you can write a story about a personal hunt for him from his perspective.
If you think he’s a fan of Batman (like I keep seeing people say everywhere), write a story about it. Maybe people will like it, and you can win something for it!

The time limit for this will end on the 25th of August, 2015 at 12:00PM CST. We will then open a poll, and the community can vote for a winner! I don’t feel it to be fair for me to be the only one to vote here, as it’s a community contest! ^.^

The person who receives the most votes will get to choose their award first. Then the second will get to choose next, and so on. If someone has a tie, we’ll make a new poll, and they will be revoted for, until someone wins.


If your entry isn’t listed, title it, and inform me if I’ve missed it.
Limited to 1 entry each person, if you’ve entered multiple entries, inform me of which one you wish to go into the poll.

Entries so far:
The Jackal (@Bear_Stream)
The Mask (@Venom_Striker)
Quiet no More (@Sylverphyre)

Iseanna's Evolve Fanart
The Viewer Challenge - Gamescom 2015 - All Evolve owners to get Dragonscale Skins!
Little help here please

Can we just do this for fun? And not get the prize?


Of course. o.O


Good luck to everyone :smile: , I unfortunately suck at drawing or making story’s up. :stuck_out_tongue:


Brpoken. keyboard. want 2. enter. still


Depending on how many people participate, you might have a higher chance of winning something. ^.^


Story writing is just using your

and the influence of countless authors before you >_>

@Shin If we do end up making something should we place it in this thread or in the Fan Art sub?


Post it here, then the entries will be posted there! :smile:
I just like fan art, so I want some for the new character since I like him. ^.^


I love writing stories. Is there a preferred word limit? :smile:


Not for me. I say go for what you want to write!
The only thing for you, is trying to make it readable/likable for the community, so you’ll be voted for. ^.^
I myself am not choosing who wins the stuff. :smile:


So contact @Matthew and have him right if for me? :innocent:


Depends on if the community voted for him. :wink:



Excited to see what becomes of this :slight_smile:


I hope we see some really neat art for him! ^.^


Ends on the 25th, so we have a little while to wait. o.o


I might enter this for kicks and giggles. o.o


Feel free to do so! :smile:


btw i dont have a PC capable of playing evolve lol.


Just for the sake of it ._.