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I’m missing 2 hunters and 2 monster.

I bought the ‘PC Race Monster Edition’. So I should get them, as far as I can trust the product Discription on Steam.


The PC Monster Race Edition is the 4th tier, the 5th tier monster and 2 hunters from tier 5 at your choice ( i believe )

None of those are out yet.


What MultiDavid said. You get access to the Hunters and Monsters that come out later. You got a discount for purchasing early.


You can trust it after you read it.

Game right now has 3 tiers of hunters/monsters.

PCMR will give us free tier4 hunters/monsters when they are ready.Right now they are not.

And for every one of any tier(except tier1) you need to unlock them


It’s like buying a season pass in COD. You get the new stuff once it comes out. They haven’t even revealed much beyond the outlines of the tier 4 hunters lol


SMall note. DLC Hunters/Monsters do NOT need to be unlocked to play if you purchase them.


Oh that’s cool

Anyway i was reffering to OP about the hunters.He thinks because he bought PCMR he should have Laz/Caira/Bucket/Cabot and so on so on.

So OP you need to unlock those by playing each class.It doesn’t take more than 10 games for each one to unlock


Ah, that makes sense. I thought he meant about the future mMonsters/Hunters :stuck_out_tongue:


OR he could mean that he didn’t get the DAY 1 DLC.

Got news for you OP.There is no Day 1 DLC.

Once the new hunters/monsters are developed you will get them then for free