Constructive Feedback is OP

I agree almost 100% with you.There are some exceptions tho.Like Mortal Kombat X.Game was being livestreamed for like 2 months before release and everything was looking good.An amazing game.Just for the facts Netherrealm studios are making Mortal Kombat and another one is in charge of porting the game to PC.I pre-ordered the game expecting (like any other game) to have some problems at launch maybe lag in multiplayer or server problems.

No.The game did not let us pre-load because they wanted to test a new streaming feature of Steam(play while downloading).It didn’t work.

When it finally worked,the game was unplayable.10-15 fps,game freezes,game not starting up,i was even getting blue screens when i was trying to open it.This kept going for few days.Patches started coming and nothing was being fixed.Nothing major.After maybe gigabytes of updates the game became playable(with ofc a shitty netcode which you have to get used to playing online with 1 sec delay in your button inputs).

Also it wasn’t even getting the full power of the PC.The game was locked at 30 fps during cinematics and 50-60 fps during gameplay.It doesn’t allow you to do anything about that.Simply because the company who did the port didn’t care to do anything to make the game okay.

If you download right now an emulator to play a PS1 or PS2 game it will run perfectly compared to how MKX was.

Now back to my point.People at forums and everywhere where starting to get mad.I am a kind of guy who doesn’t care much about that.I was simply playing GTAV or Evolve with not caring and was just waitting.
But that doesn’t mean that i agree with them.Mortal Kombat is one of my favorite franchises but if this company is in the lead to port the PC game for the next game i will simply not buy it.And they deserved all the hate they where getting.

Why?Because simply they didn’t even need the feedback.They could just open their PC,play the game and see it wasn’t working.But for some reason they decided it was okay to put it up for pre-order,grab the money, and then fix it like a week later.(Its been almost a month and game isn’t 100% functional to be honest)

What i’m saying is that some studios(Like TRS) doesn’t even deserve the hate and i agree 100% with what you said.They are lurking the forums and replying in almost everything they can and they want the feedback.I mean we are even talking with devs in steam and write “surveys” about what we think about the game/balance/stuff like that.That’s how much they care.

But there are some studios(like the MKX PC one)who don’t deserve the kidness and the constructive feedback.They deserve the hate and yelling

I… never knew that about MKX… Thank you.

Certainly, I approve of providing feedback. But if you want the feedback to be believable and heard, I suggest doing so in a constructive fashion. It just lands more credence than lathering it with obscenity.

Clearly… I agree with you that I think it’s crazy to have a fighter game (which depends greatly on it’s responsiveness) perform so poorly… I hope they lose their contract.

I watch,you just don’t know,I’m everywhere here,reading,and biding my time till my plan has a golden opportunity to come my way,

Just to understand…People ain’t even mad because the lag and the responsiveness.Imagine how bad the game was when released that no one actually cared about that.They where mad because they couldn’t even play.And some people STILL have problems.

And there is no feedback to give.Its simple.Your game is not working.If one of the devs went to play to PC he wouldn’t be able.I have NO idea on how they thought its good for release.

I mean there was actually no feedback to give xD