Constructive Feedback is OP

So, after reading 2 days of post patch “Nerf this, I’m leaving”, I’d like to take a moment to discuss how to create a post that TRS and fellow forum goers will likely read, appreciate, refute or approve. These few simple steps can drastically change your forum feedback from toxic to intelligent rather quickly, and you’d be surprised how many other people you can get to contribute positively to the discussion.

Step 1) The TITLE…
I suggest one that that isn’t edgy enough to cut your own ethernet cord. Few people will likely care if you leave the game… Unless you’re Quirkly, Maddcow, MidnightRose, Shin, Mortalbound, Rapterror, or other super popular person (to which there are a few, forgive me for not naming all of you). Instead, I suggest you start with what bothers you, in a CONSTRUCTIVE way. A few examples:

1a) Behemoth Feedback
1b) Suggestion for Improvement: Sunny’s Boost Feature
1c) Concerns over hunter mobility vs. monster escape

These titles (all of which have been edgy discussions of late) let the reader know exactly what they’re getting into, without creating a “here we go again” feeling that will turn people off before even reading your topic.

Step 2: The introduction.
MANY people jump right past this step. But expressing your experiences without setting up the premise can lead to a vast majority of people to skip right to thinking that you’re rage posting, and have not thought through the problem. Examples:

2a) I just recently played a match as Behemoth, and the ballroll traversal just doesn’t feel right, unresponsive even.
2b) Sunny’s Boost feature seems to provide far too much utility in my matches, from medic rescues to high speed chases.
2c) I’ve been playing a few matches post patch, and I really think the game still has mobility challenges.

Step 3) Your feedback.
This is super important. This is your bread and butter. This is where you get to vent your frustrations in gameplay, without being too direct about who pee’d in your cherios. I will continue with Option 3 for example purposes.

3c) As a monster, it’s becoming exceedingly difficult to build a gap that I can use to evolve in, and feed/restore my armor. Without the armor, I’ve very vulnerable during this step… which puts me at a stand still for what, 10 seconds at least? While I traversal and flee, my movement per second is what… 2 meter advantage vs. the hunters? Well now include Caira who boosts movement which advances the pace of the entire party to be FASTER than the monster! Then if you include Sunny and her jetpack boost, you’ve extended the range even closer. This isn’t even taking into consideration overlapping boosts if the hunters to a runspeed perk as well.

Step 4) Conclusion:
Now state the ramifications for the experience that you have had, and how this particular problem is effecting gameplay.

4c) So during your dome, you make your first engagement and likely flee without armor (but probably with enough food&combat bonus to evolve). After spending ALL your traversals and abilities to build a gap and evolve… Caira & Sunny will close the gap rapidly and you will quickly get domed without any time to armor up. If you are lucky, they may not have advanced the trapper and you can traversal your way out JUST in time to miss being domed… without armor!

This is hardly a point of skill, it’s a point of speed, cooldown, and recharges. And beyond that, it’s un-fun. It makes the “chase” that every hunter loathed in the early release of the game mandatory, and loathsome for the monster instead.

Step 5) Suggestions for improvement.
This is also important. Think about what would help fix this solution. Is it just a numbers change? Does something need to be patches or rethought? Help TRS through solutions that you find have merit. Not everyone will agree with you, but it will get the ball rolling on alternative solutions.

4c) I have a few thoughts on the concept, and intent for acceleration field:

  1. Perhaps the acceleration field shouldn’t work during/directly after the dome. I’m certain peoples adrenal glands are pretty topped out anyways during a fight with a mega monster predator. This removes some of the usefullness of the ability, yes… but it also helps build a recovery gap for monsters. The ability can certainly still be useful after a few seconds of wait time…
  2. Reduce the speed of the acceleration field.
  3. Increase the amount of blur, or decrease the amount of tooltip help hunters get when they’re in the adrenal field or jetpack boost. Make it so they can’t see the glowing footprints… birds in the sky… etc. They’re hyped up, they’re drugged! Reduce their incoming information since they are not “taking the time to hunt”, they are in a chase.
    End topic. I hope i have not been too snooty, but really… So many of the topics I’ve seen these past few days are rife with negativity, opinion (which is good, I’m glad there’s interest in the game enough for opinions!) and then ultimately, disrespect or blatant flame.

Please, please, PLEASE! Take the time to provide CONSTRUCTIVE feedback.


Thank you for reading.
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PS: You made me feel special ^.^

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You’re everywhere :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t imagine the forum without you. You’re literally in every post I read :stuck_out_tongue:

But I didn’t really want to link anyone to this post… I may just delete it… But there’s so little constructive feedback these days :frowning:


MidnightRoses, Quirky and Rapterror are always watching you :eyes:


I’m also watching!

I just have nothing worthwhile to say!

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I’ll add you as a list of VIP if you start rhyming agian :stuck_out_tongue:

Story of my life :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, mods! PIN! PINPINPI- okay, maybe not, but still. The community guidelines seem to be insufficient lately. We could certainly use a generalised set f rules that would allow everyone, and especially the devs, to sort trough feedback better.

I hope it doesn’t get pinned. They already have the FAQ Guildelines.

I’ve watched a few really good topics go up in smoke because it got toxic. And it was completely… voluntary/self destructive…

And I’m all about leaving feedback for Devs. I know everyone isn’t… but they appreciate it too (Or so they claim!)

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I am too. :cry:

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You’re a lurker :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure how I should feel… People have obviously read my post… or at least up to the part when they realize I’ve omitted their name from my post… I’m feeling like that section of it is going to be the hottest topic of responses ><

Nahhh, you raise some good points, theyre just so good no one can argue em ^.^

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There’s also not really much to argue about. It’s telling people how to properly set up their posts on what could be improved within the game. What are we supposed to say? “This part of the process is unnessecary” or something?

@MaddCow @SledgePainter somebody pin this! Sorry if I forgot any other mods, they were the only ones I could remember off the top of my head :neutral_face:

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This topic is now temporarily pinned, because it does have merit. Hope many will read it. It will appear at the top of its category until it is unpinned by staff for everyone, or by individual users for themselves.


Oh god, it’s pinned? I better double check if for spelling and grammer >.<

you’re forgiven ^.^



Well i also struggle to leave constructive feedback. You cannot expect people to leave serious feedback in a forums any more when they have another 30 broken games in their library.

take a look over to Arma III and its performance on AMD processors, it clearly tells you, that bohemia doesnt give a fuck about amd users wich hit 15-30 FPS with an FX 8350 - so why would u just as a example try to explain your issue on a constructive way?

Its a … yea its a really hard hitting example but thats the way it goes today. i also bought more than 20 shit games those days none of these are worth a single second of feedback because most of the issues can be seen in a single second of serious QA testing - it just clearly tells me they dont care about anything else than my money.

its not only about the OP stuff - this game has alot of game breaking bugs wich yet havent been fixed not at all - as long as the game very basics mechanics do not work correctly you shouldnt expect people to waste their time on a single sentence with constructive feedback.

they will have plenty of shity games in their library wich could need the same constructive feedback - better say good bye i quit… saves nerves.

to be honest when I TRY to leave feedback im almost in a scenario where i just want to grab my PC system and throw it out of the window because todays gaming is totaly pointless with all those bugs and stuff.

the last time ive wasted my time on constructive feedback was in battlefield 4 - 1 year gone so far and yet this game is a unfinished bug with horsecrap netcode.

so keep your feedback short this this this this and that is the issue fix it bye - is already more than enough time wasted for a game from today.

Because when you just keep yelling, swearing and being a general asshat, you’re not helping anyone fix the issue, you’re only being another asshat.

Also, f*ck you, I know some of those people you’re saying don’t even care for AMD users.