Constantly getting put into ongoing games


The last 5 or so Matches i started i was always thrown into ongoing games, and always as a Monster (which is currently my least desired role), while i just want to play a few rounds of Laz and Val.

Is there any way of disabling filling ongoing matches, because it’s annoying me greatly :confused:


I can second this somewhat, particularly when trying to do Evacuation. I have yet to be put into a lobby where the game was about to start; I’m always taking over for a bot, presumably where someone left. And if my team does well (or I do well as the monster) it’s quite common for the other side to leave. At one point the monster quit and I somehow found myself AS the replacement monster next round… on Day 4 with a map disadvantage I’d just helped earn.


Play with your mates, guaranteed fresh lobbies, and preferential hunter roles. (We decide amongst ourselves what we want to play as)