Constantly getting connection to host timed out playing as behemoth


After playin a match for about 5 minutes as the behemoth, the server just crashes and everyone lags out and it gives me a loss :(. This happened my last 4/5 behemoth games. My internet still works fine after dcing and im still connected to steam.


I was just in a game where the same thing happened, but I assumed it was my internet. The entire game lagged until no one was moving and badoop, gone.


Every time I lag out, i am in this animation, not sure if coincidence, or if it’s just because I tried to use a spell after already dcing. Steam went completely down about 15 minutes ago (confirmed by, might have had something to do with the connection issues.


This has been happen being to me a lot to but not just with behemoth the hunters as well


I have mostly just been trying to play behemoth, so I can’t say if it happens for the hunters as well, but I managed to join a game with some of the same hunters from the one I dc’ed and they said they dc’ed as well.