Constant Wraith Disconnects


Alright, so I need some help. I’ve been playing a ton of Wraith recently and really, really enjoying it, but players (level 40) constantly keep disconnecting. I’m wondering if I may be playing cheaply? I basically evolve to stage II, then repeatedly attack, typically going decoy, sneaking up behind a hunter, popping supernova, dealing damage, blasting them with Warp blast, then getting the hell outta dodge and rinsing and repeating, racking up strikes.

Is that a cheap method? I feel like hit and run should be the style of the Wraith, but it’s annoying to have players constantly disconnecting.

I figured with the various Wraith nerfs that she’s no longer OP and fine to use.


No your playing wraith right… It’s really just that most of the hunter community doesn’t like not winning constantly


Yeah that’s fine wraith play. Them’s some salty folks out there tho, when game shows them I’m wraith first thing in game 2-3 disconnects guaranteed.



Don’t do too good… they might claim Wraith is still OP (which she is the opposite) and TRS might listen to them and Nuke-Nerf her again into something equal to a Strider capable of scratching a Hunter…

Such power, such wow.


Well, I am seeing more and more disconnects when somebody plays as Wraith. Don’t get me
wrong, but I’m actually glad that it is like that. I am one of those guys that disconnects as
soon as somebody picks or plays Wraith.

When I join midgame and see “player x” disconnected, then I know it’s probably a Wraith
or a fight is going on and the disconnecter has been downed by one of the other monsters.

That’s bad for people like you who wanna play as Wraith, and I fully understand that.
But more and more people seem to disconnect for various reasons, lately. You have
to understand that when people feel like they won’t have fun the way they want to,
they disconnect. Understandable as well, that’s the other side.

That has nothing to do with being salty or a whiner if you silently disconnect,
salty is constantly complaining on internet forums what a bunch of whiners
others are. I’m excluding you from this definition because you expressed
your thoughts pretty well and I totally get what you’re saying.


God Damnit Guilt Train… well said well said


People f**king suck ass. Whether it’s on Evolve or Dark Souls people are class A assholes. The only difference is the kind of A-hole they want to be.

The cowardly kind that runs until something so massive goes into their favor or the scumbag kind that quit to avoid a loss… I’m looking at you insert asshat name from earlier on Dark Souls that kept pulling the plug who hid behind enemies with a SOTG and ran constantly!

RRRARGH!!! I just want to break stuff!!! But I can’t… because said stuff is valuable or its a little bit tougher than my hands…

Oh and quitters suck on Evolve too because it puts a handicap on the Hunters (unless its a Hank Bot) or the match becomes too easy for the Monster thus becoming boring.


That’s entirely fair, and well said. Ironically, I don’t always win either, as the Wraith is pretty prone to mistakes and those players who ended up quitting miss out on a win. I feel like it boils down more the to intended design of Wraith, hit and run tactics are not nearly as fun for the hunters as they are for the monster.


She’s a pathetically annoying creature to play, her VERY playstyle makes people curl their noses in disgust. Who wants to play against a tricksters that that likes run run run…


She’s a borefest, let people disconnect from playing her. The more the better…


She is in the game to be used and played, just because some people get salty from her does not mean it’s “okay” to bail out from her. She is only boring depending on the player that uses her and even then if somebody is doing decent with her they’d probably be doing twice as good with any other monster. I personally find her the most fun to play as and against.