Constant knock back - what's the story?


Why is it that versus some monsters, particularly Behemoth and Wraith, it becomes almost impossible to escape due to knock backs?

I thought this had been fixed?

I get that heavy attacks have some knockback, but being knocked out of the air while you are trying to jetpack away, and then juggled away from your team every time you try to maneuver – with no apparent control over what’s going on – makes it extremely frustrating.

Does getting smacked while you are in the air = automatic knockback?

Is there some mechanic I am not aware of?


I agree, it’s extremely frustrating. I’m sure somewhere they said they wanted to remove mechanics like this, but it’s still in the game.

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Is there something at work that you know of? Do you know what scenarios you get knocked back in?

Or is there a way to get out of it?


Depends. Against a good Wraith? Not unless they fight in a terrible spot of screw up. Wraith has literal permastun.

Behemoth’s stun is also very strong but tbh if you’re that close to Bob you’d have died anyway, and you screwed up in failing to evade him.

Kraken has no real stunlock, outside of his combos like mine pounces and things.

Goliath…I wouldn’t deny Goliath anything at this point. ._.


Not that I know of.

Brohemoth knocking me down when I fly above him, even though the fist doesn’t even look like they hit me. There’s also times where the Wraith can perma-knock me back with melee, which usually results in my death because I can’t heal or do anything really.

Not sure. Maybe having the trapper or someone.


That moment when you get air juggled by Behemoth… I dont like this at all.


Yeah I’m seriously sick of behemoths roll doing a stupid amount of damage WITH knock back rverytime it makes contact, I’ll shoot straight in the air when I see the behemoth making way towards me and even when I think I’m safe (I’ve done this dashing straight in the air and dashing straight in the air with sunnys jetpack boost) and 9 times out of 10 I’m just a hair too close (a serious hair there’s some invisible aura behemoth gives off when he rolls that makes contact with you that deals the damage/knock back) and BAM immediately on the ground followed by more damage by the roll and getting pinned up against a wall and when Mr. Bob player decides “oh okay that’s enough roll damage let me just follow up with a heavy attack” and pretty much every freaking time a behemoth attacks out of a roll it’s his heavy melee, not uncapped yet? He’s gonna fissure or lava bomb right on you and finish you making you incapped which is complete bullshit, not bull Shit enough? How’s this after pinning you up- Bob: ROLL HIT ROLL HIT ROLL HIT REPEAT.
I’ve seen this Shit happen to my team mates and to me and I’ve noticed after the first roll hit it’s like: roll heavy melee roll melee and sometimes another roll heavy melee or roll melee…it’s stupid and I truely believe OP, why they buffed roll damage? No idea but in the same patch they buffed monsters melee through the first two stages and needed on stage three to same damage on all stages PLUS Bob’s roll damage buff is probably, in my opinion, THE SERIOUSLY MOST IGNORANT BS ALONG WITH KRAKENS PROBLEMS…
and where as I don’t encounter wraiths knock back issues as often I can agree it’s still annoying mainly under super nova but I can usually dash upward and escape that if I don’t get knocked back down…
Knock back has been a serious issue for me lately and forced me to buy the taken king DLC for destiny and though its keeping me entertained I Will get bored with it soon and will come back to evolve here soon cause it’s my favorite game right now and has been since launch, but after my losing streak these past 5 days (idk wtf happened but I’ve been on a losing streak) I’m not coming back to evolve untill next hunter/ monster release, patch or whatever comes next cause that’s one thing I noticed about my losing streak is my inability to escape monsters due to knock back…
I was all over the place with this reply and I apologise but my ass is lit up after seeing this post cause this has been a serious issue for me personally…
See y’all next patch but I’ll definitely be hanging out here in the forums in my free time till then


Lennoxing intensifies


They upped the roll damage because he was getting stuck on small wildlife. Your trapper should be CCing the monster, and you should be conserving jetpack fuel. Also, all medic’s besides Laz (until the next patch) can easily out-heal the Behemoth’s roll damage.

Plus, it’s a superheated giant living rock rolling at you at speeds of up to 30 mph. Shit, I’d expect it to do more damage than it does now!


I’m not exactly sure what changed, but my best bet is, that it’s a side effect of the jetpack rework. Also the problem is not, that i’m unable to move, but unable to move away fast enough before the next hit. and by trying to jetpack out of reach, i’ll waste my jetpack and then it’s game over.

Of all the things introduced with 5.0, the perma knockback is the most annoying IMO.


For what its worth, only wraith got a buff to stage 1 and stage 2 damage (to compensate for her slower attack speeds), all the other monsters got their damage buffed to their previous stage 2 damage, with all monsters getting nerfs to stage 3 damage (albeit wraith by only a few points). Just for clarification, prior to these damage changes- The difference between a stage 1s melee damage, and stage 3 melees damage, was 50 points. Hunters have 1600 hp. Generally speaking (Except wraith), stage 1s got a 25 damage buff, with stage 3s getting a 25 damage nerf.

Im unaware of what “problems” youre speaking about with kraken-

But as for bobs rolling/meleeing, if youre close enough that he can do this, or hes in a position to be able to catch you and do this, WITHOUT the aid of your team saving you, I cant help but feel “mistakes were made”- And thats behemoths strength right now, punishing mistakes.


If wraith didn’t have the knockback capability that she has now she wouldn’t be a good monster anymore. Juggling is her niché, I don’t think they should take that away


A good wraith can juggle you like no other.

Behemoth? Ive never had one juggle me that long because generally youre dead if he’s on you like that.

Oh and some jetpacking issues naturally arise from interp, so always try to react a 1/10th of a second sooner.


I usually experience it the most from Wraith. Her melee swings seem like they’re really long and wide and when I get an opening and jetpack boost to the side, up, or away from her, I only get one boost in before she hits me again. Then, the cycle continues.

I keep trying to improve myself on escaping a Wraith, but it gets really frustrating when it feels like nothing I try will work so long as she keeps left-clicking until she decides to use a point blank Warp Blast or Abduct.

As for Behemoth – I find it easier to escape him, but his hitbox is so massive it can be difficult to maneuver around. Often I’ll get away from him with a sliver of HP, though.