Fix it.

“The application’s device failed due to badly formed commands sent by the application. This is an design-time issue that should be investigated and fixed.”

This isn’t the fault of my computer, and if someone says “oh just underclock your card” I am going to brain you, its a development bug and needs to be flipping fixed so I can play the game I coughed up 80$ for.

I have tried overclocking, I have tried underclocking, I have tried overvolting, I have tried undervolting, I have tried forcing maximum performance with nvidia, I have tried the most recent drivers, I have tried 3 past drivers, this is not a issue with my computer as no other games ever have had this issue, its an issue with your game.

Here let me do the googling for the devs.

Un-fuck your threading.

780 Ti Superclocked
32 GB Corsair DDR3 RAM

Error dxgi_error_device_hung
Current list of PC bugs (2/21/2015)

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This is an error between DX11.X and video cards that may be overclocked. However, for example, BF4 runs DX11.X+ and used to be more prone to this (got increasingly less sensitive to overclocks as newer game patches emerged). Now, i can sustain my regular OC and not have this error.

It can also be related to your system memory if it’s OC’d as well.

If you are running an ASUS motherboard please try to enable HPET via your bios (which it should be by default). A lot of gamers have tweaked and or disabled this in the past.


So you’re saying ‘oh it got better with BF patches but its still your cards fault’ do you know how stupid that sounds?

And it was already enabled, Just disabled it though for kicks because hey, Invariable TSC is better anyways.


I have nothing oc’d and still have this issue.


Yeah but don’t say that! Or he can’t help push the image that it isn’t a bug!


Even funnier is… This still isn’t on the ‘Known issues and bugs’ List yet, and from the digging I’ve done its been around since the closed beta… And has yet to be fixed or acknowledged.


“OMG your computer can’t run a poorly written executable without throwing exceptions but it can run everything else? Do you know how stupid this sounds?!” Lol, okay pal. Please enlighten me on the inner workings of how hardware level DX implementation interacts with your software.

And yeah, it can get better over time. If you were smart enough to look at your error log - i bet it say the faulting module is actually, “C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\d3d11.dll” Hrmm… what could D3D11.dll be?.. Just,… can’t… figure… out…

Do you think TurtleRock created the D3D11? No, perhaps they just included a call to a function that may have issues under various circumstances (mainly caused by but not limited to OVERCLOCKING). Perhaps they can alter their interaction with the faulting lines of code to nullify the issues.

But i’m sure you already knew this… Have fun talking to yourself repeatedly in your own thread arguing with anyone who may try to point you in the right direction.


I know I’m a software developer and I know how to read directx documentation :smile:


I have (had, don’t know yet) this problem too. I heard it was a bug when you have more than 60fps.

I tried underclock, does not work for me neither.

So I’ve locked my FPS to 60 in the system.cfg file of evolve (read this )

I played few hours since, and no crash anymore. Could be a chance, I don’t know yet but it seems to works actualy.


Oh that’s great, that means you can debug the issue yourself! :smile:


Came in here hoping to help, read the first half of the post, read two of the OP’s comments, quit.


Wat. No idea what you’re saying bro.


darksuN actually helped so go take a look at that Steam thread. Im trying it out now


Still no clue. Really don’t care about the OP’s problem tbh.


Im just saying, if you are having the Device Hung Issue darksuN provided a link ( ) a few posts back and said he locked his FPS at 60 using system.cfg and hasnt crashed since.

I am trying that now to see if it fixes the issue


Ohhhh okay.


Yeah sure, provide me with full source for the game and I’ll fix it right away.


imo this is silly. the devs need to fix it. not us. no capping frame rates. no overvolting video cards or downclocking bull shit.

i keep having these DXGI errors. but yet for the past 3 years. no issues with other games (bf4, bf3, dying light, cs go, cod aw, ) the list goes on. no issues with any other game (120+ on steam) but when this game comes out. oh lets underclock video cards thats the issue. no just no


Seriously. Happened to me 4 times tonight!
Very annoying for the ones I was winning, and for the ones I was losing it makes me look like a fucking quiter…
You need to fix this ASAP TRS CRYTEK 2K