Constant disconnects from games

I’ve been playing Stage 2 since it was launched and really enjoyed it so far, but there is one problem that is currently making it unplayable for me.

Every match I play, a few minutes in will just disconnect me. I’ve checked me line, ports, firewall etc etc and it still happens. I am a South African and was wondering if this is a problem with the South African servers or connections but it is incredibly frustrating.

All my other online games (LoL, WoW, Overwatch etc) work just fine and have not dropped me from a single game, but with evolved if I don’t finish the game within a few minutes it will freeze up as if I’ve lost internet connection and eventually I’ll be kicked from the game and given the message “Lost connection to the host”.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem and will Turtle Rock be fixing it soon as I’d like to enjoy this game, but currently it is just not worth my time as I’ve wracked up losses due to this bug, even on matches where the monster was about to go down and it disconnected me.

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LoL, WoW and even Overwatch have a even bigger playerbase so finding people that are locally closer to you, it is easier.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if you play Hunter a lot. Know that the host is usually the monster player so I suggest maybe to try playing monster more or to find people that live closer to where you live and befriend them. You can then form a lobby to go into QP to make it easier.

My problem isn’t finding people. It’s staying connected to the games.
I’m getting randomly disconnected from the games like my internet is
dropping. I’ve found more than a few games with 5 people to play with,
but then I get dropped from it for no reason.

Do you get any error when the game disconnects?

After I’m out of the game it just says “Lost connection to host.”

Before playing the game, know that there is a “player options” button which allows you to check players and their steam profiles. Look at their steam profile and see where they are from. Then, when in-game, press T on your keyboard to see how high your ping is.

I believe there are simply not enough people playing in your region so the game is matching you with people further away, which might explain any high ping or disconnects.

I’m playing with only South African people and when I play I have less than 20ms and so does everyone else. I just tried another game and was disconnected just as the monster reached less than 2 bars of health.

Is it perhaps that the monsters are rage quitting? It’s incredibly frustrating to get almost win and end up with a loss and no payout for playing almost a full game.

The exact error message is “Connection to host has timed out.”

I just connected to the German servers and tried playing a game with Europeans only and it did the same thing. This is a bug with the game as I’ve established it is not something on my side, not something with the South African servers and not something with my ISP.

Is there any news of them looking to fix this? Or should I give up on the game?

I’m gonna tag some experts here: @Insane_521, @ArPharazon, @miyagi_nosaj

Thanks, appreciate the help.

Well, I’ve been waiting days for further advice on this problem and have received none. It seemed like the issue had resolved itself but the random drops and disconnects have continued today. I received my first loss on Val thanks to this fucking bug and lost a 5 game winning streak because of it.

I was planning to put together a full team of my friends to play this game with, but if we’re just going constantly drop out of games randomly then I’m afraid it’s no worth it. I really wanted to like this game but I just can’t recommend it to anyone as long as such a game breaking bug remains unresolved.

No worries! I suggest maybe trying some steps listed here, TRS Forum - Self-Help Tech Support.

Disconnects can have many reasons. I can vouch for it cause I had it myself, so I definitely know how you feel.

However, ever since I have an open nat type with Upnp, it has been going much better and hadnt had a disconnect since.