Constant Disconnects and Crashing

Since the update I have gotten at least 5-10 disconnects a day. They’ve dramatically increased in frequency to the point where I’m basically DCing at least once per match. It’s become ridiculous.

To give an example here’s a video someone posted five days ago:

Basically this is exactly what is happening. Everything freezes in place repeating animations or just freezing in their animations. Hunters float in the air; Monster stays frozen; everyone repeats the running animation; etc. Everything stops and this is happening nearly every. Single. Match.

Now it’s gotten to the point where when it does this it DCs me and after it does that none of the menu options have audio when I hover over them or click them. Generally I cannot queue into another match nor can I rejoin into the match with my friends because it has connection errors so I must restart Evolve. After restarting it generally will crash once or twice more before I can even get into the game again and THEN I’ll get to the main menu and I can finally join my friends again where the match is almost over if not already over anyways and then I can repeat the same process again; that’s if I’m lucky and it doesn’t just DC me before the match even starts.

Since Stage 2 Evolve has literally been making every effort to disconnect my connection, crash, prevent me from future matches, and more. I’ve been playing in a party with @IanBreaker, @Magnus_Medic, and @Zeke999 a lot recently and in my most recent match @Bot. All can testify that I’ve been disconnected/crashed/more.

This is getting ridiculous so I had to post it here since there is no sign of improvement only becoming increasingly worse. So much so that I have to restart my computer on occasion just to get the game to even run again.

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What OP said.


Have you tried everything in the Self-Help Topic?
Curious because I have not had a single disconnect or crash since launch.

I haven’t even looked through that thread since I forgot it’s entire existence but I doubt anything can help me since it’s not client-side and it has happened at literally every point in the match and as stated; occasionally I will have to restart my entire PC if not just Evolve.

Continuously having these issues with no input from @Developers

Have you tried everything here?

If yes, please send me two game logs (search for logs in above link). One after you disconnect from a match, and another one after you crash. After you crash, please also send me the crash dump and we’ll hopefully find the problem. I’ll be sending the disconnect game log to the network programmer and the crash log and dump to our engine programmer to try to figure out the issue.

The only real thing here that is worth noting in my particular situation is this:

Evolve runs flawlessly until it disconnects from a match mid-game. After that it does one of a few things; either it:

  • Runs perfectly fine until it happens again.

  • No sound effects play when hovering over menu options and I’m disconnected from a match at the end of the countdown at Character Select forcing me to restart Evolve.

  • In continuation of the previous point it will sometimes crash after that restart.

  • In another continuation sometimes it will refuse to play after the crash forcing a full computer reset to work again.

  • Alt+Tabbing forces the game to crash.

These are basically all the things that happen and it all happens when I disconnect from a match. Generally what happens is everything freezes in place and everyone repeats animations until the server drops me. As far as I can tell nothing in that thread is truly of any help other than to compile a list of whenever it happens in matches.

I’m at the point where any time it has happened I just tell Shadowplay to record it and sooner or later I’ll end up compiling into one big video showing my problems.

I’ll post when it happens again; it can sometimes let me play a few matches but very often it will do this.

This sounds like a number of different problems… Let’s start with the disconnecting and the crashes. Please send me game logs! One after you disconnect from the match and one after you crash. Also send me the crash dump. :smiley: This section of the thread goes into detail on how to grab the logs. The crash dump will be in your game folder.

Just crashed so what email would I send the “error.dmp” file to?

Events that led up to DC:

  • Crash after Hunter dropship victory.
  • Two or three crashes after alt+tab
  • Launch crash.

Where should I send the DC log and the Crash dump?

This is continuously happening to me my game runs perfectly fine i press hunt find players start the game go through all of that however once i begin to load into the game it gets about half way then slows to a stand still and kicks me from the game, puts me back to the main menu and displays “Context Corruption” in an error bar and it will do this every time i start a game. Its been happening to me ever since Quantum Ciara dropped. I’ve done all of these self helps the only one that seems to work is verifying the game cache then Im able to PLAY ONE GAME and it says the error again and i cant play another match until i verify the game cache again. Keep in mind Im able to play any other game on my computer.

Hey guys I’m getting this error again, i played about 2 games after the recent update and then this started happening again.

pls help

The disconnection problems, in a match, applies not only to you but also all the players in this current match.
If someone gets a disconnection problem, it applies to the four hunters and the monster together.

Well is there a fix? Other multiplayer games work just fine.