Constant Crashing [PC]


I purchased Evolve: PC Monster Race Edition through Steam yesterday (Feb 16), and have tried playing the game, but it constantly crashes. Its almost unplayable. At first I thought it was the NVIDIA drivers needing updated, but even after updating it still crashes.

It first crashed during the monster tutorial, about half way through. Then it crashed earlier and earlier in the tutorial until I managed to finish it quick enough to make it out of the tutorial. It usually crashes during a game session, sometimes during the load screens, but not as often. I started out playing Solo Quick Play Sessions to get the hang of things, mostly just as the monster, but it just kept on crashing. Most of the time, the screen just cuts to black, and the desktop reloads. Other times the computer just shuts off completely, like someone pulled out the power cord.

My frame rate is perfectly fine throughout the whole game, but I’ll be lucky if I can finish one quick play session. Sometimes it crashes before I’ve been given control of the character, or a few seconds after, sometimes it lasts for ten minutes before crashing. I can’t tell if there is a common trigger, it just seems completely random. I only tried the multiplayer once, but it crashed the same way before it even finished loading after character selection.

I’ve tried lowering the graphics, playing with and without an xbox controller, controller vibrations turned off, vsync on and off, its like nothing helps. If there’s anything else I could try on my end, I’d love to hear about it. This seems like a very fun game, and it would be nice to play for more than a few minutes before it crashes.

My PC Specs:
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti (driver version 347.52)
CPU: AMD FX 6120 Six-Core Processor
OS: Windows 8.1