Constant crashing as wraith (PC)


Wasn’t happening at all in beta, but today it seems like I crash every other game. It’s always right after I use an ability, like once it was after an abduction, just happened again as I was evolving. It’s starting to get really frustrating, I can barely make it through 2 games.


Good good…game has 1 less wraith…

Play as Goliath in the meantime and have fun… Hunters deserve to have some fun too…


lmao dont be a tard, wraith is fine you need to get better. game crashes as goliath too


No need to be a jerk towards @Zyfe3r , @peepeewizard .

Keep in mind that the following suggestions may not even fix your problem, they’re just the standard process one should try, so think before going through with some of these.

Based on the information you’ve provided, I’m guessing that these crashes involve either your graphics card or sound card. The most I can suggest is updating your graphics/sound drivers and see if that fixes it. If those don’t fix it, you can try verifying your game’s cache or going through the brutal process of re-downloading the entire game.

It’s hard to give some form of advice when there isn’t anything beyond what you’ve provided. We need to know if there’s some form of an error that pops up and even your system specs. It’s also very possible that there may not be a possible fix at this time based on the similar threads I’ve found via the search function. You can also try this site, but be cautious if you choose to follow some of these suggestions. Unlikely as it may be, it may cause more problems then help.


lol him telling me that it’s good that im crashing so he doesn’t have to play against a wraith is ok, but me calling him a tard is being a jerk? xD

it doesn’t give me any error message it just freezes and i have to end the process q.q


I really dont wana help you play as Warith but you said you do crash with other monsters.

Check if your steam overlay works.
Download process hacker 2, when you are stuck, alt tab and check the process from this app.
Check if the. Exe is doing anything.
If its idle, try freezing and then unfreeze it.

Update all drivers.
Sound gpu system.
Try closing all background stuff, you could use game booster.
Check if you have enough paging file memory.
Increase your paging file memory…