CONSPIRACY | What are the TRS goons up to at 2am PST?!


With the exception of Mr_Strategio… they don’t wear their TRS tag in front of them at all. Only time I saw them doing it was during the Big Alpha. I wonder what they’re up to at 2am PST…!

Conspire everyone! What are these TRS goons doing, online in a game that isn’t listed with their tags on?!


Live streaming and several forum goers were watching.


Oh… cheaters! They’re getting their stats/levels up before everyone for the beta! UNFAIR ADVANTAGE! :rocket:


:open_mouth: LE GASP …I think Commando_Wraith is right though… :slight_smile: Most likely streaming

Is… Is it okay if I add them as steam buddies? I’m tempted but I feel I would be violating their privacy or something :confused:


We seee youuuuuuu…

Seriously though, Sacriel is in-game with 'em right now.

I just wanna know when these three will wake up…today? I guess? :smile:


That’s what they want you to think, got that? They’re all there, sitting around thinkin’ y’all are jus’ gon’ let it 'appen. Well, Turtle Rawk Stoo-dios, I gots some news for y’all. I ain’t gon sit round ‘ere an’ let it 'appen. I AIN’T GON DO NUTTIN!


they all just went into the menus to make it look like theyre playing to create false information. afterwards they went to bed just like every other person while having their office pcs running


You should see the leaderboard, I think there was a dev with like 70+ wins a few hours ago


I want to watch :frowning: It’s not like we haven’t seen everything… or have we?!? Dun dun dunnnnnn!


Beep Boop Beep