Conspiracy theories who is left


Abe and parnell seem to be one of the few hunters left alive on shear who else do you think is left?
My bet is bucket because his mind is also in their ship so he can’t really die but he might need a new body like an adaptation


Wasteland maggie. Also, if you watch the evacuation monster wins ending, then maggie, abe and parnell are the last ones to go down. Just something cool I noticed today.


Makes sense but there should be more


Abe and Parnell are some of the last left from the original twelve, not all together.

I’d assume that Maggie, Bucket, Val, MAYBE Griffin, and MAYBE Caira survived. Bucket is definitely still alive, as his mind core is in the ship, not the body.


Bucket Trapper confirmed :stuck_out_tongue:


With regards to who I think have died, I’d say;

  • Most of the assaults
  • Caira, Emet.
  • Griffin, maybe Jack
  • Sunny, Hank, maybe Cabot. Kala’s a different story…


Hyde is indestructible. He is just this cluster of destruction, fire, and violence. He’s too ethereal a presence to be totally eradicated.


Hyde variant leaked.


I think hyde died because he had the laz device used on him too many times, the way he is now is because of that device


You’re forgetting his line “Beast ain’t nothin when I got a Medic”

What if the Medic died and so did he?


Impossible. He obviously melted it’s face before it could get to him. Plus P parnell and Quira are still around.


We’ll see what happens :stuck_out_tongue:


Only paladin parnell and renegade abe have stories of them surviving to the end and they need to wear mask because of the atmosphere. Quantum caira does not wear a face mask and her back story mentions nothing of end times. I’m pretty sure hides dead because how else did Daisy get a flame thrower. I hope that bucket became leader of the team after Cabot died (Cabot seems like the vengeful type who went to far and got killed); also kala went feral bet she killed him


I’m sure Emet would be one to make a heroic sacrifice to save his friends.


I see him do that yeah


Well, I don’t actually think Parnell survives. I think if we’re talking about the characters we have:

Real: i.e. all the originally released hunters, their real selves.

Stereotyped: Interpretations of the hunters, perhaps slightly skewed versions of their real selves either by people making assumptions about them, or the chinese whispers of one colonist telling the story to another set of survivors, who tell a trading post, who tell their family, etc, etc.

Aggrandised: Interpretations of the hunters pushed by powers that be… less “nearly the truth” and more whitewashing of the hunters to idolise them.

Cataclysm: The hunters that survived, on the desolated world of Shear.

For me the adaptations appear to currently sit as thus:

  • Rogue Val: Stereotyped - She’s the more “action spy” version of herself, it’s more likely this would be how people envisaged her to be.
  • Wasteland Maggie: Cataclysm, clearly a survivor, changed, wearing that gas mask against environmental effects
  • Tech Hank: Stereotyped. Hank is just a guy, with a powerful laser and an orbital satellite. Tech Sgt Hank is a more professional and militarised version of himself. Much more likely to be a fictional representation of the real Hank.
  • Blitz Markov: Stereotyped. Again, no bionic eye thing, more “shiny” and epic. This smacks of a hunter who is painted as a hero in the eyes of the public
  • Quantum Caira: Aggrandised. RIP Caira, this is all but confirmed as being a version of Caira constructed as propoganda for Nordita
  • Electro Griffin: Stereotyped. Naturally there’s no way that Griffin would actually be this way, but it’s the sort of cult portrayal of him that nerdy film lovers might see him as being
  • Rengade Abe: Cataclysm. Again, a survivor, described as such.
  • Paladin Parnell: Aggrandised. Parnell is the best of everyone, and so it makes sense that in the way he is portrayed to the outside world is not as a “rage trooper” but as a shining knight of the hunter team, saviour of the other team, perhaps to the very end.

I think it’s somewhat safe to say anyone that is aggrandised is not making it to Cataclysm, the reason that they are presented as they are is to elevate them so as to keep hope alive. Stereotypical adaptations could be alive or dead, since they’re just likely to be interpretations of the real hunters around the time of the evacuation.

For me the following would make sense, though I look forward to everything I say here being proved wrong in glorious fashion by the Evolve team :wink:

  • Markov: Dead - The guy is just a personality type that says “I’m going to die trying”, so he probably would.
  • Hyde: Dead - Wasteland Maggie needed that flamethrower for Daisy from somewhere…
  • Parnell: Dead - One of the key reasons for Renegade Abe to exist IMO, alongside Caira
  • Torvald: Dead - Searching for his white whale, I envisage Torvald dying in a mutually assured destruction style with the monster he’s been searching for.
  • Lennox: Dead - She’s smart but she’s not actually a fighter. I don’t see her making it through.
  • Maggie: Alive - Wasteland Maggie
  • Griffin: Dead - As much as I want to say he would live, I can only see his character meeting his end against a prey that was ultimately too much for him to handle
  • Abe: Alive - Renegade Abe
  • Crow: Unknown - I kind of like the idea that Crow would have decided it was time to cut his own way, loner that he is. Did he survive? Maybe, maybe not.
  • Jack: Alive - In my eyes, he takes the Thunderchild after Lennox dies. Jack is wiley, a survivor. Survivors survive.
  • Val: Alive - Extracted by Cig9, her intel will be important for the ongoing battle the galaxy faces
  • Caira: Dead - Swallowed up by a rift portal
  • Lazarus: Dead - If he’s alive, other hunters don’t die. He has to have perished at some point
  • Slim: Alive - His very biology means that Slim is a survivor in the conditions of Shear’s deteriorating state. He’d also be one of the few remaining actual medics
  • Emet: Dead - He’s crazy, there’s no way that he didn’t end up going flying in to the mouth of a Goliath in a rage or something.
  • Hank: Dead - His persona doesn’t strike me as a survivor, perhaps too cocksure, I don’t see him surviving
  • Bucket: Alive - His nature for me means Bucket is the one that is likely to survive the whole thing, regardless of outcome
  • Cabot: Dead - The leader, has to surely die. Not close to Abe but without Cabot’s leadership I can more readily see things going to shit for the other hunters and them starting to unravel.
  • Sunny: Dead - Losing Caira and Parnell would probably be enough to send Abe over the edge, but Sunny dying would definitely do it. That’d be a lot of loss of people he feels close to, and no-one close to bringing him out of his rage.
  • Kala: Alive - But as what?

So that means I believe the remaining hunters would be Maggie, Abe, Jack, Val, Slim, Bucket, and possibly Crow, with Kala having succumbed to her transformations.

That was fun :wink:


I’m so glad to have finally made an intresting thread


Crow is most definitely alive.


I think Laz was trolling Jack about brain damage from the Lazarus Device.


A tool like that must have side effects but it was after being used several times I’m thinking like hundreds of times on hyde