Console Updates / New content


So ive been seeing a revival of this game but nothing seems new on console version any updates on that , specifically will console owners get access to all the new variants when the update does come if at all.


Console owners will have the same deal that Legacy PC players had. I believe in another thread the Devs said they’d want to run the Shear Madness event for console users too (though I imagine they’d take the opportunity to tweak things a little if they’ve learned lessons).

So yes, console legacy players will get the new adaptations, the new map variants and the base perks/keys that founders got for PC :slight_smile:


Thats good new , i imagine if youve owned the game since launch day you would fall under founder status ?


Anyone that owns the game regardless of when you bought it is a founder :slight_smile:


If I don’t get all teh new veriants I will not buy @LadieAuPair those nachos I promised


We should get everything that the pc players get for console that is if it comes out for us and I can tell they really want to get it out to everyone #AwesomeDevs


I took a Hiatus from the game due to my ranked play experience but an looking forward to re entering once these updates hit consoles. Im happy for the pc community they needed the new wave of players they got since it went ftp.