Console still behind pc for 2 patches?!?!?!?!


OK this is getting ridiculous PC has gotten two patches one about a week ago and one like a month ago and all we (console players) have gotta is micro patches??? like wth WAY more ppl play on console u would think they would do it all at the same time…I just want an answer of y defend hasn’t been fixed yet??(more minion health) (lightning strike damage on generators) or any monster fixes done in the PC patches…also y so damn slow with micropatches??? u already made the freakin game, there should be a new patch/micro patch each wek minimum…im just really annoyed been waiting for these patches for weeks…turtle rock has gotta step it on for evolve on console or I might just find my way to another game


Consol is behind one patch. They got 1.3 a week later because consoles require patches to approved by MS/Sony before publification.

Furthermore, consoles charge developers for putting out patches. Hence, they’re clumping multiple patches together for consoles so MS/Sony don’t scam them as much.


What @MidnightRoses said. Console certification (Modifying game data outside of simple numbers takes a long while. There is no real way to speed that up) just takes a while. PC doesn’t have certification to deal with making it much easier to update.


o ok…so minions already have more health??? and krakens lightning strike already does less damage on defend??? ON PS4 AND XBOX ONE???


No not yet.


I feel that this thread needs some happiness…


then that’s 2 patches behind


haha yea…well I understand now at least…I love your game, cant get enuff of it…thanks for the reply and ill be happy when the patch does roll out THANKS


I hope the title update comes soon… PC players are mad about Kraken like everybody else, but I’m on my PS4 and Sunny can still STACK SHIELD DRONES. That’s ridiculous.


Well the patch is up for certification right now. This is sony/MS fault don’t get mad at TRS. They finished the patch awhile ago, but Sony/MS have to look at the patch and test it so we are waiting on them.


Who were you trying to reply to? No one in this thread is a Dev.


A lot of people assume that Leaders/Mods are devs. Understandable. But mistaken.

…Bad Bain quote is bad. ;W;


I’m sorry, dude, but this thread is totally irrational. When you’re a team as small as TRS, you can’t crank out patches every week minimum. In fact, I can’t think of a game that has that kind of aggressive patch release. They said their goal was every other week and so far, they seem to be right around there. There’s another one due out next week.

As for the title updates, a number of people have already pointed out why PC gets patches faster. I play on PS4 and frankly, I like that they test and sometimes reject patches before realeasing them. It’s saved several games I’ve played from suffering from problems that appear on PC and even sometimes Xbox.

If you’re that fed up, I’d suggest taking a break.


Small team excuse makes absolutely no sense.There are alot more smaller companies with far less people to work with and they still manage to fix bugs far far faster.


point is if they already made the damn game it cant be that hard to do a few nerfs and buffs weekly…just percentage and number changes that’s so simple


am glad someone explain this on the forums. am tired see posts on the forums of people crying bout bugs and patches and not knowing bout the procedures its takes to fix a bug and the time its takes for a patch to get on consoles.


I thought we were only a patch behind or something… ?