Console Players Getting Shafted? (PC Monster Race)


I have been following this game sense it was revealed and have been hyped ever step of the way. I’m going to buy the game, as well as any further DLCs that comes to it. I was also very excited to see Digital Deluxe Pre-Order so I could save some money upfront. Not long after that, I found info about the PC Monster Race and checked to see if there was some kind of deal that I could get as well. Disappointingly, I found this was exclusive to the PC. My question is why? Will this deal eventually come to console? Do you plan to not support the Xbox One/PS4 long term? I fell like I’m getting shafted and I’m not as important as my PC brethren. I would be downloading this right now if I was able to. It’s got me wondering, should I wait and see if this deal comes?


It looks like each system gets some kind of bonus as far as I can tell. Xbox gets time exclusives, PC gets the monster edition, and I imagine that something cool for PS4 will be announced sometime soon-ish (though I don’t know what or when).

I personally am a fan of system equality, and I’m happy to say that none of the content will be exclusive. It is all a matter of time.


I do hope this is the case. Feel bad for the PS4 players if this isn’t the case though.


The nice thing with any of these is that there is no exclusive content. You are still paying for product and anyone else can get it as well.


I’m not even upset about the X1 exclusives. I’m actually kind’ve happy about it. (hates X1 with a passion) All the parts I would call “fun” like having to learn Goliath and Kraken before taking a shot at Wraith are all being taken from people… But not PC users.

PC users’ Monster Edition (as I read it earlier) is just the same thing that everyone else can get, only cheaper and rolled into one singular bundle.

I am quite curious as to what they’ll be offering the PS4 members, if anything. However, if you were to specifically ask only me (which would be weird, since other than as a customer I have no relation to Evolve) I would say X1 Pre-order is getting “shafted” on the experience of working to the Third Tier. But that’s only an opinion : )


I have a big feeling that ps4 has not announced its deal yet. which could be great. or could be bad lol.

its hard to imagine that evolve being the biggest game to start the year (this and the witcher). that ps4 would not put money into getting some timed exclusives. maybe they beat xbox so bad they dont need to invest in stuff like this since majority has ps4 they will sell more evolve copies anyway!


Once the full game launches I’d have already played the game twice so learning the classes is something I would have already gone through. Also, progress from the beta carries over. My favorite character is Laz but my least favorite is Val so I’m glad I won’t have to play a character I don’t like for a third time. Lastly I was wondering if the DLC would come to consle because if they were planning on it, why not go ahead and offer it to people like me, who would buy it.

(Sorry for the delayed response. I’m reply from my phone.)


Unless I’m mistaken, the PC Monster Race edition is a Steam exclusive, which aligns with Steams reputation of offering bigger discounts and bundles. I understand that’s frustrating, but not any more so than Steam having 80-90% discounts over consoles.


I’ve played in Alpha, Big Alpha, and I’m going to participate in Beta, but none of that will transfer to me on the PC. I still had quite a lot of fun with playing through (except Maggie, she’s like Val to you for me. Not that I hate her… having to follow Daisy irks me) They announced beforehand that X1 will be getting the DLC just not the “Monster Edition” so there’s nothing to worry about. You can get it from the Hunting Pass, or by simply purchasing it separately whenever you like.


I think Microsoft approached 2k first so they were able to strike a deal before Sony. (I could go into a whole rant about I think stuff like that should be ileagal, but I’ll spare you that.) Also, Sony is based is Japan so it’s probably more difficult to gage hype in the United States.


I think Japan would just go “Oh no… Gozirra!!!” and throw money at it :stuck_out_tongue:


I love that, personally… that PS4 sold like 18m copies and X1 sold 5.3m or something like that.

consoles, is what I mean. not shipped to stores either. those are the numbers that were physically or electronically purchased by customers.


what @maddcow said. japan goes crazy on games like this. it will be a worldwide hit.


It’s a harder buy for PC players most likely so have to persuade them a little more to buy, idk tho.


From what I can gather, you have to Monster Expanison pass (Behemoth), the hunting pass (fourth set of hunters), and, as stated in the Monster Race deal, the fith monster as well as the fith and sixth hunter sets. If you buy the digital deluxe edition then you get Behemoth and the fourth hunter, so I was wondering about all DLCs after that.


First off, I would like to thank you for the amusing comment. I guess Japan and I have something in common, because I want to throw my money at it as well. Because I plan on throwing me money at it, I was very interested in paying the 100$ up front and saving thirty later down the road. Just a little disappointed that it was coming to consle.


I’m glad TRS and 2K threw an exclusive bone to PC gamers.

In 4 years, we’ll be the ones still playing the game.

I don’t want to rip on console gamers (I have a PS for sports / racing / exclusive games) but…short attention spans.


sad truth, idk why that is so. ill proly have to get a super PC to keep playing evolve with the competitive community. but for now ps4 seems to be making good steps in keeping games alive with twitch and ps4 tourney mode coming.


Xbox One just had a huge Twitch update that made a ton of improvements. I thought about getting a PC but I’m not a big fan of the Windows operating system and I don’t trust myself with building it, but buying one pre-built was just to expensive. However I do plan on buying a Steam Machine when they realse so down the road, I probably will end up in the Steam community at some point.


C’mon guy. PC Master Race gets PC Monster Race…it is ordained