Console Players: Can't Win? Try this



All Dots, for DAYS.
So far, we’re running 100% winrate with this comp.
Keep each of your DOTS on the monster at all times. Cabot Damage Amp until empty, Shoot once/twice, then AMP again.
Monster should Die in 1-2 domes.


Courtesy of @Onetrolltorulethem , @Seedsy and the rest of the PC community.


It’s time people accept this, time for a change.


I don’t know, hunters might have to try and work for wins now. Are you sure we shouldn’t go back to 8.0?


Thought this was another Console thread complaining over how they can’t win with the same god comps. Phew

######Jam session with Komodo! :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue:


DOT comp was super fun before the Macropatch! I really want to try it now, but my friends don’t play anymore and it usually ends in death in pubs. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I think any team who tries it will find it’s devastatingly fun to play with.


I’ve seen console gameplay they like they’re shields cause they go in guns blazing


Guns Blazing is Wasteland Maggies + Hydes themesong…


This. Sounds. Amazing. OoO


Not when the behemoth is already overwhelming them


If this is true I’ll be so happy, I haven’t got the chance to play yet. Cabot and bucket are 10x more fun than shield teams, as long as the team knows what they’re doing.


Aww yeah, sweet credit I get to take for no effort. :heart:


Funny you say this because on PS4, I always run with Crow, Cabot, Emet/Val, and Parnell. Wouldn’t call that defensive.


Abe/Caira/Kala/Torvald best comp.


Replace that with Crow and I’d knida agree.


Haven’t been able to get any games but I am concerned about this DOT change. It sounds like the damage could be absolutely mental.


I can check off that prediction.

I had always thought a good way to make offensive comps valuabe would to just nerf assaults.

Originally, I had suggested nerfing assaults by nerfing their shield CD, but a straight damage nerf works to.

A Rogue Cabot comp wasn’t bad before the MP, but yeah, they have definitely became more usable. I have yet to try Laz Bucket and Laz Kala.


it most definately is… Just mental.


Newb hunters think this patch was a nerf, lol!



AFAIK the DoT change from pre-macropatch to post-macropatch here is nothing. Hyde’s fire already stacked with Waggie’s. It’s actually weaker thanks to the bug fix and damage decrease on the two characters than it was pre-patch.

I guess what I’m saying is that if you’d run this comp before this patch you’d have been recking the monster harder than you are now :stuck_out_tongue: