Console Love?

Hey, I haven’t heard of any word about when/how Stage 2 will come to consoles on the forums yet, except for a locked post in the FAQ thread (which im assuming is the console faq?). Does anyone have any information about this?


Once the Stage Two is out of Beta on PC and has proven itself to be viable TRS will work to release it on both PS4 and Xbox One.


“We’ll parse out major Beta revisions, updates and features over a period of weeks and months”

So basically, a few months of beta til we get to wait a few months for them to adapt it to console? xD

Yep consoles will have to wait an undetermined amount of time before they get the patch and then it should run mostly smooth unless some console specific bugs arise which is unavoidable.

It would have been nice if they had added something about consoles into all the coms that have gone out. Even if it was just to say “we have not forgotten about you, but your update is still a way off, we will keep you posted”. Instead we have to go digging for the info and are left with the feeling we are no longer part of the bigger picture as far as TRS is concerned. Disappointed.


Meaning work hasn’t even begun on bringing this update to consoles and it won’t until the PC version is stable, so don’t expect any updates on Xbox and PS4 for several months.

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The transition of the console version is a big deal so they want it to be perfect when they do it since it will be awhile after before anything can be patched. you know?

Wow, that’s pretty disappointing if I’ll be honest, I understand that porting content over platforms is tricky, and this whole Evolve 2.0 was pretty hype, but to know that it will only be available to less then half the player base for months is saddening.I was expecting 2 weeks or so, but months?I’ll be back in school by then.



Like I understand production schedules, I really do- they’re basically making a new game here. But it would have felt less shitty if they had just acknowledged consoles and said “yeah it’s a way off”


You dont have a crappy laptop or pc? But if you have one just download it for PC connect a xbox pad to it and have fun, its free!

I have a mac.


I also don’t own an XB controller, and I’m very bad with mouse/keyboard xD

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Then install window, cross boot, easy pease :wink:

You dont need a real one third party controller are okay as well for a bit casual playing.

Mee too!

No like I have bootcamp and windows 7, but the graphics card in my comp isn’t good enough for most AAA games

I don’t have a computer at all.

Buy one, I have over three :smiley: - Even if you only want spend under 500 Euro you can get a nice PC.

Did you tried the lowest settings, Evolve looks great even on lowest settings :wink:

I can’t afford one right now.

Congratulations, I guess?

This looks cool for mac. But I dont know anybody who has this.

Thats not great, sorry for that.

Over the last decades I got some PCs here…nothing special

That’s a lot of time.

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Sorry by graphics card, I meant whatever thing makes the game not stutter and crash. I couldn’t play Firefall, Bioshock, etc