Console Hardware Upgrades


Okay so we ALL know at this point that both consoles are weak especially the xbone. (i mean they cant even run evolve at 60fps and xbone runs it at 900p really?) but are you okay with ms planning to end the fixed console hardware? I think its a good thing…a very good thing.


The possible solution


Now sony is getting in on the action


So…a PC then?

I think it’ll be more of a headache than its worth to be honest.


I don’t like the idea either. Why not just buy a PC and call it a day? I play on all 3 platforms, PC, Xbox, ps4. I spend money to upgrade my PC and don’t want to spend more to upgrade my console too.


You dont have to upgrade your console if you dont want to but for the people that do the option will be there


Then it would effect the online gameplay. You’d have people running faster than others due to rendering and things of that nature.
The one thing I’ve always loved about a console was that everyone was playing on the same exact specs.


Then what’s the point of upgrading?

The whole idea is just going to confuse consumers. X1 had a rough start, switching to a modular design is not going to make it better.


The model is outdated imo. Technology is moving too fast to keep the same specs for 7+ years. It would effect the online play a little but the pc dudes never seem to have a problem with it and they wouldn’t allow a massive advantage.


More options are always better imo im sure that ms has all this figured out since they are much smarter than we are


I think you’re missing the point of a console. Thru are meant to be used as multi purpose devices. They are meant to put everyone on an even playing field. They also get exclusives and usually don’t get as hard with bugs due to a version is made for each console specifically.


Well, I’m sure they have ideas to be sure. Whether they pan out remains to be seen.

But since you asked for the opinions of others, I have to say at this point I think it’s a bad idea.

This will mean more issues for developers too since now they’ll have to develop for PC (and all the configurations therein), ps4, and every cpu/gpu combination of this ModBox.


That destroys the whole point of consoles though, consoles are systems that are designed with fixed hardware for running games without the consumer having to worry about upgrades. If you want upgrades, go buy a PC.

Edit: I can already see its not going to happen, knowing Microsoft tried something else with the xbox one before release and made them loose a lot of sales.


They still dont have to worry about upgrades they could just ignore it if they really didn’t care. This has been done in the past with other consoles too although this time im sure it will be much more planned out ect


It failed horribly, all of them.


All they would have to do is develop for the lowest common denominator port it to the higher end consoles and just make them 60fps 1080p (with patches for more improvements if they wish)


That was decades ago though


Yeah and still to this very day console users despise the very idea of it.

besides 30fps and 60fps don’t look that much different.


I dont see that on twitter most people especially techno geeks are exited about the possibility’s


Check every where else and you will see, twitter is not the only social site. Also are these techno people PC users?

My guess you are one of those guys that find a game only acceptable at 1080p and 60fps?


They play on console and pc


Which do they play on most, PC or console?