Console Beta access Question


Hey Everyone!

Just wondering if someone can clear this beta access thing up for me. I was really excited to try out the big Alpha as I signed up and received a code for entry on my PS4. I downloaded the Alpha but was unable to get in due to the server issues caused by the Sony update.

At the time we were offered a code for the Xbox One beta but I did not have that console back then. Now I have both and am hoping to get in on this Beta to see how the game plays. I am reading that because I had an Alpha code I have access to the beta? Can anyone confirm this? If so, what do I need to do?


Well you should be able to get in if you received a code for the last alpha on the PS4, even if you didn’t manage to play it and if you also have an Xbox One, the beta is open, which means it can be downloaded without a code. Hope that helps! :smile:


If you had an access code for the PS4 Alpha then you should be guaranteed access to the PS4 Technical Test. You’ll be registered as someone who signed up so that should be all you need. Maybe @DamJess or @Chloe could have some input here though.


I thought that in order to play the Beta on Xbox One you were required to pre-purchase the game digitally? Call me old fashioned but I still like my physical media so I would like to avoid that if possible.


No no, you can play the beta on the Xbox One just fine. But if you pre-purchase the game on the Xbox One, you get to play as the Wraith and the third tier Hunters in the beta and possibly have them unlocked ready for you in the full game.


Awesome!! Thanks for clearing this up! Have been following this game for awhile and can’t wait to try it out!



Not a problem, ol’ chap! Am I alright to close this now your question has been answered? :smile:


Absolutely, thanks again!


And done! :smile: