Consistently getting matched with AI monsters when in a party



Despite the (many, many, many) bugs that have been present during the first few days of gameplay I just want to say that I really enjoy the game when it is working and can see myself sinking hours into the game once various bits and pieces (mainly UI and match making issues) have been sorted out.

I’m curious though as to whether or not anyone else is having the same problem as me/whether or not there’s some really basic fix I could be doing at my end.

I’m on PS4 and have 3 friends with the game (current levels range from lv 4 to level 22). We make a party of 4 and then go to skirmish, hunt, looking for a monster to play against and consistently (like 9/10 times) can’t find a human controlled monster to play against and instead get pitted against an AI monster. Even if we play against it in the hope of someone joining mid game we’ve found that we can kill 4/5 AI monsters in a row without a single player controlled monster - given the amount of people on the forums who are complaining that they don’t get to play monster enough I don’t understand how we struggle to find one WITHOUT FAIL if we’re in a 4 man party? (Again, our levels are varied - general consensus on the forum seems to be that this affects match making?)

It works fine when I’m in a two man party, but the second me and my friends try to team up as a 4 and take on player controlled monsters it all goes downhill making the game borderline pointless for now… (Bot smashing isn’t that fun once you’ve learned the basics.)

I’ve seen plenty of matchmaking threads but nothing about this specific issue so thought I’d make a thread. If anyone connected to TRS can acknowledge this issue/can confirm it’s being worked on then I’ll be a happy bunny as I’ve been excited about this game for a long time and me and my friends are looking forward to some serious game time (provided this specific issue gets fixed of course, for as long four people can’t reliably team up and wreck monsters through the match making system the game is for all intents and purposes broken.)

Anyone on PS4 (or other consoles) noticing the same?

Anyone got any fix ideas?

Anyone wanna play some time? PSN is canyoufelix, UK based, use a Mic (obviously!) Looking for monsters to play against in custom game and for hunters to team up with once the game is fixed.


I posted about the flip side of the coin, which is that if you are not part of a team, you will get assigned to be the monster even if you don’t want to be the monster.

Apparently nobody wants to be the monster, especially at lower levels.


I’ve found at around 10PM EST, Matchmaking takes a dump and we can’t find any monsters players to play against.

If we do find one, the game is in progress and one of 3 things happen:

  • He jumps in and leaves right away
  • He plays a bit, and rage quits before they die.
  • Tosses the game, goes wraith next match and proceeds to stomp.


i bought the game to play the monster, but after a few levels the hunters stop being reliant on daisy and you start running into teams of people and it becomes unfun so fast. Maybe its because i like to play goliath but i feel like i have no agency in it.

do i get to stage 2? depends on luck either they pick the right direction at the start or they dont. they either land the dome or don’t , they land the tranq or don’t, i have some little tricks like keeping their jetpacks empty on going up cliffs , pathing over and through dangerous wildlife. but everything i do and they do it all comes down to them failing or not. and once people learn to play they stop failing.

i can understand why less and less people play the monster ontop of all the above issues you have to do what basically boils down to grinding a pve kill quest from a 20 year old MMO while the other guys are playing a game.

writing it down makes me realise. i think im done with the game to.


We’ve found that the only work around for now is to start a custom game with 5 people and then take it in turns being the monster.

If anyone fancies this sometime then drop me an add (PS4 of course). This does really on having 5 people online at the same time but it’s better than what we’ve currently got…

Interesting idea RE: people not wanting to play monster though, I personally don’t like playing as monster but given the amount of people who are on the forums complaining that they never get to play as the monster I wouldn’t have thought there’s a shortage of monsters to play against. Would explain why we struggle so much to find monsters to play against if that was the case although I do hope its not (for obvious reasons.)

Edit - I’m far from done with the game personally, I’m looking forward to playing it a lot once the above is sorted


This is the type of issues with having a leveling system in a competitive online game. You fraction off the pool of available match’s.

To this day I don’t understand leveling systems in online play. I don’t play against other people to unlock and level. I play for competitive nature of me verses someone else. It’s no difference than playing real sports. In the words of Herm Edwards, “you play to win the game.” Eveything should be unlocked with everyone on same playing field with all options to choose from right out of the gate.


In principle I agree with you, but I know a game will keep me interested much longer if there is a steady stream of new content. A new gun, a new skill etc… If everything is available from the start, I will most likely just mess around with a small subset and lose interest. Human nature.

And of course it is much easier to do Matchmaking based on level than to calculate a proper rating.


Through something that looks like a weird disconnect reconnect, I’ve seen someone in a group with me get chosen for Monster duty - though I doubt it’s intended.


I started seeing this on Xbox One before I got rid of my game. Sometimes a monster player would get matched in and immediately quit because someone in the party was double or triple their rank. They’d bitch about mastery stars and leave. They’d also bail the moment hunters were revealed, particularly if the monster player was stuck with Goliath and the hunters were using tier 3.


I suppose I’m a bit bias and spoiled from Socom on PS2. There where no unlocks or level or even matchmaking. There where simply game lobbies to jump in and you just played. I put more hours into that game online than any other series since and have yet to get an experience anything like it. To me there is a lot to be said for not having to grind things to unlock something or be compative.

For example why do I have to use specific things in order to unlock more characters. Why do I have to conform to a play style I don’t want to play in order to get to one I do?

To me it seems more people will drop this game quicker because of the less options than they will because unlocks offer something to work for.

I do see the appeal to unlock some things, but it should be more cosmetic than actual gameplay aspects.


Its funny, when I play solo I choose monster as my top choice and I never get the monster role.

Matchmaking is a mess right now. They need to sort it quickly or this game is going to vanish in a month.


[quote=“nfscop, post:9, topic:37708, full:true”]
I started seeing this on Xbox One before I got rid of my game.[/quote]

You already gave up on it? I don’t blame you, and I’m worried more are going to follow suit in the next week or two as the game is a mess right now.


I managed to get on a run of games last night and the game was, as expected, really really fun to play. Hopefully the player base will be patient enough to stick around long enough to see any patches.

Great game though when it’s up and running :).


Usually I am a monster player and always get it when I have it first in my list, but the last two days I focused on playing hunters to unlock everything and get a better idea on how to counter certain combinations. And well, what should I say. I put monster on the fifth slot in my list and yet, whenever I go for my first game, I have to take over a monster bot. When the game is done I sometimes get to play a hunter in the next match, but often I still end up with being the monster. It seems there are not many people who want to play monster, I wonder why. That is easily the most interesting part of the game.