Consistently dropped into Monster with < 1/2 hp & no armor, 4th choice


With Tier 3 Hunters being the norm these days, there are fewer and fewer Monster players. Coupled with a steadily decreasing player base across the board, the awful matchmaking system is becoming glaringly obvious. I am a slightly above-average Monster. I can handle 1 or 2 decent Hunters, but not a serious crew.

Elite Caira & Abe? Fuck it, just alt-tab and wait for the fucking loading screens to finish (has anyone figured how to disable these yet?). Feels like you need Elite Monster just to level the playing field, since Kraken (and likely Wraith in the next patch) were nerfed into Oblivion.


Hmm looks like im in the wrong section ( im console player)


Kraken wasn’t nerfed to oblivion, he is one of the strongest of the monsters when you put a good player behind the keys.

As for Wraith, she is a pubstomper. Unless the team is coordinated, the wraith will usually win.

If you can’t handle a serious crew, get better at monster. Problem solved for the current matchmaking situation.


Because it’s no fun being the monster now. Everyone has learned to cheese, so every game is cheese cheese cheese. I’m sick of seeing the same hunters or composition of hunters every time, but it isn’t going to change because TRS look at ‘50% hunter/monster win ratio so everything is fine’.

I’m one among many monster-1st players who no longer choose monster-1st. I no longer want to be a monster, so this means someone else is now forced by the system to be monster more often.


Dont take control of the bot then and play in the next rounds after the bot looses, you wont get a loss this way if thats your worry.

Dunno witch is faster waiting for the bot to die or you disconnecting waiting a minute and requeing just to be placed into the same game.